Just go into any crowded place and look down at everyone’s feet. What do you see? We’ll bet (besides gum stuck to the floor), it’s patterned socks. That’s because they’re the hottest trend adorning tootsies in the know. From hamburgers and fries, to dollar signs, penguins, pink flamingos and funky stripes and dots, folks are putting their style where their feet are. Talk about walking the talk. So, what’s the attraction?

Novelty socks are a great way to show off a vibrant personality in a small and sorta private way. Even when the rest of the outfit says I’m a serious worker, the socks can holler, loud and clear: I like to party with hot dogs. On my feet. Also, there’s the laundry. Imagine a world where each pair of socks is completely different. Pairing them when they’re fresh and hot is even kinda fun, like a game of Match.


Yo Sox - Put Your Style Where Your Feet Are

One of our favourite foot finds these days is Yo Sox, a Toronto-based brand that’s been around since 2013. Available on their online store and at retailers across North America, Yo Sox can be seen on the feet of notable celebs like Adrien Brody, Daniel Radcliffe, Donovan Bailey and Shemar Moore (Now we’d like to help him pull up his Kitty Kat knee hi’s. Meow.)

The Yo Sox Designs: Yo Sox is fueled by a small but mighty group of creative sock aficionados (did you know there’s such a thing?). For this group, making feet fashionable and fun, and helping wearers express themselves through hosiery, is step numereo uno. The collections are designed in Toronto by an in-house design team. They take their inspiration from travel, pop culture, high fashion and quirky weirdos (there’s a lot of those around, you know). The Yo Sox Ingredients: Each pair is crafted in with Turkish compact cotton (65%), nylon (32%) with a touch of elastane (3%) for all day comfort and reinforced heels and toes for long-lasting wear. They hold their shape and are breathable. Our brazen feet—and those of our BrazenMen —can attest to their amazing feel.

The Yo Soxscription: Which brings us to the best way to get your Yo Sox. Sure, you can just buy a pair or two when the spirit takes hold. But what if someone chose them for you? And then sent them in the mail? Special sox in your post box?

The Soxscription: Yo Sox takes the guess work out of selecting your favourite pair of socks. Every month, they’ll select and ship a specially selected pair of socks. For 6 months of socks, it’s $70, including shipping. Even better: Subscribers receive a FREE pair of YO SOX and FREE SHIPPING with their 12-month Soxscription ($130)!

This is FEET DOWN the PERFECT GIFT for just about anyone in your life who has everything or who needs a sock personality makeover. Because really, you can never have enough socks (they just keep disappearing…).

We don’t know about you, but we’d sockscribe to that. (See what we did there?)

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