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Would you get Botox - Yes

A couple of weeks back, we asked what readers thought about non-surgical procedures and if they’d do any. I jumped in pretty quick with a YES! Sign me up. I’m all for a little extra love; just think of it as part of your routine oil lube and filter. We put a lot of extra love into our vehicles, so why not our bodies?

We’re talking non-surgical here, which are NON-KNIFE things. I’m not opposed to going under the knife, though. I had my first plastic surgery when I was 13. My ears were too big for my head and the doctor called it a “birth defect”… anyway, no comments from the peanut gallery…

One day, I may like to see my boobs as they were four well-nursed children ago. But we’re not talking about that stuff here. I think any restoration work you do to your face that is non-surgical is no big deal. In that scope of work, I’d consider having my eyeliner tattooed, my eyebrows permanently filled in and darkened, laser hair removal, teeth straightened and whitened, hair extensions and my eyelashes extended.

I don’t have deep lines yet, but I may even consider a little Botox. Who knows. These choices have nothing to do with me having low self-esteem ’cause I don’t. To me, they aren’t any different from putting on a full face of makeup, getting a spray tan or having my roots dyed. The things society deems acceptable.

Can you imagine the time you would save in the mornings?!!  I’d love to just wake up, roll over, get dressed, brush my teeth, tousle my hair and leave the house. Voila, done! Put me up on the hoist, it’s time to rotate these tires!

Shannon Mischuk, aka Shash, is Co-founder of Splash Media Engagement and the star of  Shasher’s Life. She’s the Cool Mom of 4, married to the Preacher Man, but at times, she’s a little more Sass than Saint!

Would You Get Botox- No

Cosmetic surgery: It’s not for me. I love you, but I won’t be joining you for a Botox lunch or an injectables cocktail party. I respect that we all have the right to do what we wish with our bodies, I’m just not a fan of any plastic surgery or injectable for cosmetic purposes.

Just like shit, aging happens. It’s a part of life and not a bad thing. Why should we try to stop it? Beauty is not about being young and wrinkle-free. I like my lines, my baby crow’s feet and the wrinkles in my forehead. I like yours too. To me, they are proof of a life full of smiles, frowns, anger and happiness. I’m 39, not 20, and that’s ok!

When I see someone who has had work done, I wonder why she is unhappy with herself. I know that you’ll say that you really are happy, but if you are, why did you try to change? More importantly, are you happier now? You’ll likely keep trying to “fix” yourself, making your forehead smoother, your cheeks and lips puffier each time I see you and I want to give you a giant hug and tell you to stop. I want you to take that money and buy a really nice bottle of wine or a great purse, look yourself in the mirror and say, Hi Gorgeous, you’re glorious!

No matter how much you do to your face, you will always be that exact same person and I want you to love her as she is. It’s not like we wake up one morning with a saggy face suddenly covered in wrinkles. Each line appears gradually as a result of our life experiences. Every day is a day that we are fortunate to be living with our loved ones. I think it’s time to stop being so critical.

It’s time for more self-love and to be happy with who we are. After all, why change something that is already perfect?

“We ought to think carefully about a society that makes us change ourselves instead of changing society.”

– Gloria Steinem

Sandy Pedrogao is the editor and co-founder of Oh Baby! Magazine and co-producer of The Baby Shows. When she’s not running her business and parenting her two children as best she can, she can usually be found enjoying real life or online conversation.

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