It’s not that we want to look younger, really it isn’t. It’s that we want to look and feel our best, even when we’re women over 40 and beyond. For some of us, that means erasing lines with Botox (silently lifts hand) and for others, it’s colouring our hair every three weeks. No, that doesn’t mean we’re trying to hide our age or aren’t right behind our sisters who celebrate their wrinkles or grey. It’s just that we don’t want to necessarily make ourselves look older if we don’t absolutely have to.

Are you for or against Botox? Weigh in here!

Listen. Around these parts, we’re actually somewhat okay with perimenopause. And we’re even good with turning 50. But the fact is, we’d rather not lead with our age all the time—unless we decide we want to, that is.

Are there some signs we don’t realize reveal our age? Apparently so. Here are a few true-age giveaways you may not have noticed.

6 Body Parts that are Giving Away Your Age

1. Your Hands

Busted! 6 Ways You're Giving Away Your AgeTHE SIGN: Sure, you may have a nice manicure but look check your knuckles, nail beds and where hands meet the wrist. As women age, veins become more prominent due to thinning, aging skin becomes thinner due to a loss of fat and muscle.

THE FIX: Try using creams with SPF 50 or above. The same one you use on your face is fine.  Also, try regular hand exercises to maintain muscle. Radiesse filler may be used to to plump up the tissue.

2.  Your Chest

THE SIGN: Sunspots, wrinkling and thinning fat at the décolletage is an age giveaway. A woman over age 40 was a teenager in the 80s, a time when sun worship was the norm. Sun damage is now catching up with freckles, sunspots and a wrinkly leathery appearance to skin in this area. Even with breast augmentation, the skin above and in the middle of the breasts is often neglected.

THE FIX: A regimen of Intense Pulsed Light along with Vitamin C and pyruvate serum will enhance skin elasticity, finer texture and solvency.

3. Your Feet

Busted! 6 Ways You're Giving Away Your AgeTHE SIGN: Years of heels, boots, flip flops and sun exposure without sunscreen plus a loss of fat at the heels leave aging feet bony with cracks and calluses. Since toenails are often painted it is hard to see the quality of the toenail, which is not only a tell tale sign of aging but a sign of illness, fungal infection or deficiency.

THE FIX: Use a pumice stone in the shower daily, followed by applying Hawaiian Kukui Nut oil after shower and before bed. Also, including more Vitamin C and orthosilic acid found in supplements and fruits such as papaya and pineapple helps improve skin texture from the inside out.

4. Your Ears

THE SIGN: Ears continue to grow as we age. Even if a woman is blessed with small ears, years of wearing earrings may have thinned and stretched out earlobes.

THE FIX: Many women are having costly procedures done to re-stitch then re-pierce ears, lift and shorten ear lobes. A cheaper option is to remember to extend moisturizer with SPF to your ears. Juvederm XC filler may be used to plump them, too.

5. Your Elbows

THE SIGN: This is an incredibly difficult place to hide age. Sun exposure, loss of elasticity, and accumulation of dead dry skin are all to blame for loose, dull skin at the elbows.

THE FIX: Remember to drink water and remain hydrated. You should also exfoliate elbows often, and apply a more a sturdy emollient skin cream with lanolin morning and night.

6. Your Knees

Busted! 6 Ways You're Giving Away Your AgeTHE SIGN: This is harder to detect with women who do weight or isometric training. Still, skin laxity increases giving way to the appearance of a crease around the knee joint or inside of the knee. Skin also gathers here due to gravity and if you worshipped the sun at 17, wrinkly knee skin will start to appear as early as age 35. 

THE FIX: Using Cutera’s Titan infrared therapy will boost skin elasticity and prevent sagging.

Dr. Michael Hall is the founder of Hall Longevity Clinic in South Beach, Miami, Florida. He is a board certified general medical practitioner specializing in anti-aging medicine, cosmetic and rejuvenating therapies. 

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