Not surprisingly, we love jewels of every kind, especially at this time of year. That means sparkly stones, bling-y gems, and most of all, brilliant jewel tones! This season, we’re loving royal emerald green and rich sapphire blue, which, as it turns out, are clearly enamoured with one another. They really bring the best out in each other. As you’ll see from the wardrobe groupings below, it’s evident that they’re meant to be together.

So how should you wear your stunning jewel tones this winter? Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be sparkly and sophisticated all at once.


1. The easy peasy way.

Grab a pair of hot heels or a fab clutch or some precious gems for a luxurious pop of colour with very low commitment. I love the Oscar de la Renta necklace shown here. It reminds me of Debra Messing and Julianne Moore who, at the 2012 Golden Globes, both opted to accessorize their long black gowns with emerald green earrings. Remember: If a look is memorable, it’s impactful. Haute for December Jewel Toned Accessories

2.  The precision focused way.

To create a memorable look, all you have to do is make one item the star of the show. For instance, this holiday green coat from TNT is sure to be the show-stopping piece of your ensemble. Then, just downplay the rest of the outfit. And keep in mind this designer trick: Both navy and black pair well with jewel tones.

Haute for December Jewel Toned Dresses

3. The mixed-matched way.

If you mix and match several jewelled hues like we’ve done below, you’ll also succeed in creating an interesting mix of textures. How fab would the feather tee, painterly skirt, pointed pump and little clutch look together? Try this on for size.

Haute for December Jewel tones & Embellishments

4. The all-out way.

Sometimes simple is the best way to make a statement. Just pick one regal tone that you love and rock it from head to toe. This is one dramatic monochromatic statement that is sure to turn heads.

Haute for December Jewelled & Embellished Tops'

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