When I saw the big sign on the Yoga board – Yoga with your Partner – I thought: Fun! But do I have to bring my husband? Wouldn’t it be better to bring a girlfriend? She knows when I wear new jeans, she knows when my hair isn’t being kind to me, she can obviously hold my hand in Savasana. Then it hit me. Hell no, I want my man! He is stronger than she is, and I bet there will be all sorts of sexy positions and playful moments to share. Thinking of tackling this new beast called Couples Yoga (aka Partner Yoga)? Here’s why you should. Now.

You’ll Stop and Listen We walk in, the room is warm, and the guy at the front says to my hubby: Feel free to take your shirt off if you want. Great start. There’s a random group of people, some young some old, some just friends. When we all settle down, the leader introduces the three pillars for this class:

1.  Listen. Uh-oh, not my husband’s number one success story. The leader elaborates: Listen to your partner, hear what they are saying, listen.” I am worried.

2.  Communicate. Ok, I can do that. I can say exactly what I want how I want it and hopefully my man will pick up 50% of that.

3.  Trust. Here we’re good.

There’s a bonus rule: Have fun. That one is easy. I married my best friend. We can have fun in the dark, in the dirt, all alone.

You’ll Have to Trust We hold hands and start using our bodies to support one another. Together, we stand from a seated position and go back down to the ground – over and over. We rock this move and all of a sudden my husband turns into yoga man. He’s shocked that no one else can do it with as much finesse as we can. I, on the other hand, am doing my very best to shut up the control freak in my head, the one who’s thinking about all the ways he could do it better. I feel the voice start to relax as I connect with my man. Feeling our body heat and the Couples Yoga Plank on Plankchemistry between us, I am remembering why we still like each other so much after all these years. Now we have moved on to warrior positions, hand in hand, back to back. We are stretching and touching and moving. Next, Acro Yoga! What! This is not good. I was a gymnast, I am flexible, I am a good listener. Love of my life – none of the above! Panic sets in.

You’ll Learn to Fly Mr. Demonstrator shows us each position. Then we are instructed with a wink to choose who’s on top (insert a room of laughing yogies here). The mood is lightening, and we try it: plank on plank. Check, we are successful, it’s a photo op, and we move on. My man lies on the floor, legs up, his feet on on my hips and I am to straighten out my body like I am flying legs high, chest high, arms in the air –  Listen, Communicate, Trust. Couples YogaAs I am floating with only the strength of my husband’s legs beneath me position, I hear applause! I am Baby in Dirty Dancing with my Patrick Swayze below! As pictures are snapped, I remember that sometimes it’s okay – even necessary – to the let the man take lead. He is, after all, both my partner and my protector.


You’ll Fall in Love Again Now it’s time to move on to Thai Massage, where we take turns rubbing and stretching and holding until we both feel at peace. At the end of Couples Yoga, we are told to share three things we appreciate and love about our partners. Mine comes quickly without a second thought: You are kind and patient and I love your lips! He shares his and as much as I love to hear his words, I am secretly thinking: Totally lying, can’t be true, I am a crazy bitch! But I know he loves me anyway, and what woman doesn’t want to hear it. Maybe I need a little more yoga in my life – with him – ….Namaste.

photo credit: Synergy by Jasmine via photopin cc

About the author

Laira Thomas

Laira is CPR, TRX and Can-Fit-Pro FIS certified. When not teaching TRX @ Continuum Wellness Health Clinic or teaching Kickboxing @ Judy’s Group Fitness, she is co-owner of a medical aesthetics business at Avenue and Eglinton called Che Bella Spa.


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