Best friends go together like spritzers and hot weather! We all know it’s true. No matter what you’re going through, life just runs smoother with a bestie along for the ride. A bestie to hide nearby when you’re fighting with your husband or you need rescuing from a questionable first date. A bestie to get into shenanigans with or to text you during your worst days. A bestie to supply a bucket of ice cream and a recommendation for a great show to watch when you need to get your mind off whatever. 

Celebrating National Best Friends Day with TV on Shomi

Today is National Best Friend’s Day and leave it to our friends at shomi to survey more than 3,000 members to find out how best friends like to stream together, and most importantly, what they’re watching.


We’re not surprised at what they found. For instance, friends like to watch with friends and face-to-face is still the most popular way to dish with BFFs about TV series. In fact, 90% of shomi members watch TV with their BFF. Um, did anyone say The Bachelorette? 

National Best Friends Day - What Best Friends are for

Looking for something to watch with your girl(s)? Here are the top TV shows to watch with your bestie to celebrate Best Friends Day and they’re all part of Shomi’s Best Friends 4 Ever! Collection.

Playing House


Playing House follows childhood besties as they explore the journey of adulthood, with a couple of big surprises along the way that could result in the ultimate BFF sacrifice. The series stars former Upright Citizens Brigade members Lennon Parham (Veep, New Girl, Lady Dynamite) and Jessica St. Clair (Bridesmaids, HBO’s Animals).

Oh, and shomi is the only place to see both Seasons 1 and 2 in Canada. Season 3 is currently in production for the USA Network.

Difficult People

Difficult People on Shomi

A shomi exclusive, characters Julie and Billy play pop culture loving best friends who hate everyone—except each other. Theirs is a sad marriage and they are famous, but only in their own minds.

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls on Shomi

One is street smart and blue-collar born, the other is book smart and nouveau bankrupt. Together, unlikely roommates and unlikelier friends Max and Caroline are two broke girls waiting tables in a Brooklyn diner while they’re waiting for real life to begin. Saving $250,000 to open a cupcake shop won’t be easy, but the pairs saucy humour and blossoming friendship make chasing the American dream a priceless adventure.

Do you have a “work wife?” Max and Caroline (2 Broke Girls) are the most popular BFF duo from TV, with over one fifth (22.1%) of shomi members selecting the pair in a recent survey.

New Girl

Gossip Girl on Shomi

This one’s a comedy series about the modern look at friendship and romance, which follows a group of friends, their somewhat interconnected romantic exploits, and their often hilariously misguided attempts to find their respective places in the world.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl on Shomi

Welcome to Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where affluent prep school students live for gossip and scandal . . . and fashion, shopping and partying in New York’s trendiest hotspots. Based on the best-selling series of young adult novels, this drama is told through the all-knowing eyes of a blogger, Gossip Girl. The tension between friends and lovers is high, and age is no barrier in this world full of wealth and power.

Visit to watch season 1 & 2 of Playing House and other BFF binge worthy series.

Follow @shomicanada using #NationalBestFriendDay to check out how others are celebrating National Best Friends Day.

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