Heading out tonight? First thoughts, in this order: hair, make-up, great outfit, killer shoes. What we don’t think about when we’ve got fun plans is the way we always seem to feel after some apps and a few sips. Bloated. Ouch.

Who wants to spend all night being mindful of food intake? Not us. But eating the wrong foods before an event can sabotage your plans. That’s because certain foods can give your gut an instant bloat that looks awful and feels even worse. Need some belly bloating busters for every occasion? They’re right here.



OK, you’ve been waiting a long time for a night with just the girls and you don’t want pain to ruin it. So do yourself a favour and have a meal before you go. If you are planning for an active night—dancing, bowling, party hopping—you will need the fuel and protein is key.

This combo will fill you up without weighing you down, and will give you the energy you need to be active all night. Plus, you won’t be all hangry, and bitchy.


  • 1 grilled chicken breast (approx 4 oz)
  • 1/2 cup cooked brown rice and lentils
  • 1 cup steamed string beans


Heading out to a hot new resto? Don’t just have your usual: a salad. Why not? All the raw veggies in there will actually cause your stomach to bloat more.


Instead, order fish with one side of grilled vegetables. Wild Salmon is jam-packed with heart healthy vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Other fish options: mackerel, sea bass and lemon sole. As for the veggies, try to steer clear of cauliflower or broccoli which may cause bloating. Opt for grilled zucchini, asparagus, or carrots which will keep your tummy tamed.


If you’re headed to the beach, you need a healthy, energizing meal to get you through the morning but you don’t want it to show in your stomach.  You’re probably thinking that the easiest thing to eat before you head out is some Special K with skim milk. It’s low in calories after all, right? Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter how low-cal it is, the dairy and multi-grains will expand in your intestines, causing your gut to stick out.


Instead of cereal, use this belly bloat busting recipe for oatmeal pancakes.

Take 1/2 cup raw oats, 3 egg whites, 1/2 apple, and a dash of cinnamon and throw in a blender to create the pancake mix.

This non-fat breakfast choice offers whole grain and fruit fibre plus protein from the egg whites. It’s a filling way to start the day, and will not create any abdominal gas or bloating, so you can get into your bathing suit with confidence.


Eating a well-balanced lunch is essential for boosting energy and productivity, giving you power over that mid-day slump and keeping your metabolism active. Oftentimes people want to skip lunch in hopes of losing weight and grab an energy drink to keep them going. Bad choice. The carbonation from an energy drink will make you more bloated than a nutritious light lunch.


For a mid-day luncheon, your best bet is a salad chock-full of fresh vegetables and greens, topped with a piece of grilled fish, low-fat tuna salad, or fresh turkey breast slices. Throw a few walnuts or almonds on top and dress with a low fat/low sugar dressing.


These days, airports are getting bigger and so are the food courts. It’s tempting to give in to the convenience of fast travel food, but the combo of a high-sodium smorgasbord and air travel creates a very bloated body from head to toe. There are better options.


Eat before you leave for the airport. Pack your carry-on with fruits, vegetables, and granola bars. These bloat busting options are usually available at airport kiosks. Also, avoid the beverage service on board. Stick to water and you will have a happier flight and feel revived upon arriving at your destination.

Dr. Christopher Calapai is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, anti-aging medicine and chelation therapy. Named the “The Stem Cell Guru” by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S.

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