You know the drill. One drink, you feel good. Two, you feel great. Three, you feel amazing. And then, like the slurring sack you don’t even know you’ve become, you lose track of whether this is even fun. No, this is not a cautionary tale. No judgment from the cheap seats. In fact, we’ve been there more than twice, and you can bet your achin’ head and missing shoe we’ll be there again.

Not to detract from the fabulosity that is getting drunk—some of us want to enjoy the beautiful binge now and then, thank you very much (aka Leave me the f alone), but was it worth it? Don’t answer that. Instead, if you find you’ve gone too far too late, evidenced by the inability to lift your green head the next day, there is light in sight. That is, if you partake of one of these well-known hangover cures.

That’s right! There are cures! You are not doomed to a life of regret and toilets! It turns out that as sick as you feel for acting like an out-of-control teen, you’re not alone. Lots of people are in the same sorry boat, and thankfully, have documented what exactly you can do to help yourself return to your former adult self. And so we’ve gone ahead and organized it all into one simple slideshow—so you can watch with pictures and without too much reading.

Check this out. Yeah, we got your back, kid.



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