Now that it’s February, who says all you have to heat up is your honey’s heart? This month, it’s time to bring a little love into your home and hearth as well. While you’re out shopping for love-ly gifts, you should be keeping your eyes peeled for homey treasures. Here’s how you can warm up your house with some big and small whimsical design items we love that you can both enjoy.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for the Home

1. A fireplace is always the coziest way to warm up a room and make people want to stay in it longer. We love the Travis 4415 Ho Greensmart 2 Linear Gas Fireplace (photo courtesy of Romantic Fireplaces. It’s sleek and contemporary with a lovely even flame and you can choose from either stones or logs to suit your space. It’s the gift that will keep on giving all winter long. 2. The West Elm’s Bormioli Electra Glassware set made our list because it can be engraved with your and your loved one’s initials. These glasses are the perfect blend of beauty and smarts: they’ve got a crystal sparkle but stand up to dishwashing and wear and tear. Time to fill up to the brim and toast to your love. 3. Can’t get enough of sipping hot tea? We crave ours in this pretty Love Birds cup and infuser from David’s Tea. Be sure to include in your gift some of their Sweetheart Collection teas. If you love black teas as much as we do, try Read my Lips, where the tea comes with candy lips and Love Tea #7, where it’s infused with strawberry, chocolate and even rose petals. For a delicious green tea, try Movie Night – the one that comes with apple, maple and of course, popcorn.   4. We just can’t resist this super chunky knit throw from Etsy shop – Loopy Mango. Hand knit of 100% merino wool, it’s the only choice for snuggling on the couch. At 28″ x 40″, the blanket is large enough to drape across the bottom of your bed and lure you closer and closer. 5. No room is complete (don’t forget bathrooms!) without a grouping of scented candles from Fruits & Passion. Just a quick spark is all you need to set the mood. The line carries so many fruity pairings – grapefruit-guava, vanilla-pineapple, mango escape, orange cinnamon, just to name a few. Your only problem will be choosing which ones you want to bring home. photo credit: fd via photopin cc      

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Lisa is an Ottawa based certified interior decorator, who’s married with four children and who also runs her own interior decorating company. In her spare time she blogs, tweets, pins and instagrams to stay connected with clients, peers and others in the design field. Follow her along as she decorates and renovates any room she can get her hands on, sharing some great advice along the way.

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