Yawn. We’re up. Sort of. There isn’t enough coffee in the world to fix the crappy sleep we just had. All that tossing and turning and now we’ve got bags under our eyes that could carry even a bargain shopper’s purchases. Even worse, our skin is dull and dreary. All we want is to wake up bright eyed and refreshed, and ready to greet the day.

Want to wake up looking as radiant as Snow White? Here are a few tips:

How to Wake Up Looking Refreshed: StaminaFibre PillowGet a great pillow. The first step to getting a good rest is being comfortable, especially if you have neck or back pain. Our favourite pillow is from StaminaFibre®. There’s no rocket science here – it doesn’t have techno-foam or gelly bits that will let us down after a few months. Instead, this pillow, stuffed with a down-like filling, and with its 3-year warranty against flattening, it is somehow firm and fluffy at the same time, making it really comfortable for just about everyone.

Allergy sufferers will love that it’s eco-friendly and proven to resist dust mites and allergens. The pillows can also be washed in a conventional washing machine, which pleases the clean-freak inside and will let you rest worry-free. No jokes, even after repeated trips to the washing machine, this pillow bounces back, and looks and feels new.

Turn off technology. We’re not sure if we buy into the whole no TV in the bedroom thing (who doesn’t love snuggling while binge-watching Netflix?), but we do agree that computers, cell phones and tablets need their off-button activated at least an hour before bed. We’ve experimented and it’s true – those flickering screens are even more hyper-stimulating than real life and we all need to wind down before bedtime. Plus, if you need some stimulation, well, we’re sure there’s someone right next to you who’d be happy to oblige…

Drink more water. Even if your night-time worries kept you from shut-eye, drinking more of the good ol’ H20 will at least give the impression of being well-rested. Being hydrated illuminates your eyes, brightens and clears skin and flushes toxins from your system on a daily basis. Carry a water bottle, find a flavoured water you like, or add a beautiful glass pitcher and cup set to your desk to inspire you drink throughout the day.

Pamper your face. A good nighttime skincare routine makes all the difference in waking up glowing the next day. Try a creamy cleanser before bed, which will clean without stripping or drying. Follow up with a great anti-aging serum or your favourite night cream to keep your skin soft and repair damage overnight. Follow up with any medications or moisturizers to keep skin soft overnight.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Using a cotton or synthetic satin pillowcase pulls moisture away from skin and hair, stripping it of lustre, volume, and shine. Instead, choose to get down on a silk pillowcase. Not only will you wake up looking refreshed – and sleep crease-free but you’ll also have great hair (and we know what a great hair day does for our mood). Why does it work? Silk, like the fabric used in the cases from RESTore Silk  is a completely natural fibre that helps lock in moisture and shine, all while you dream away. Plus, c’mon. Sleeping on silk? Decadent.

Got any of your own sleep tips to share? We’d love to hear them.

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