Oh yes, we too read about Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina steaming and laughed. But as it turns out, not all Gwyneth stuff is too Goopy for our taste. Of course we were naysayers at first. I mean, a bikini wax—or in my case, a Brazilian—is a necessary evil that we grin and bare (haha). But then one of us (that’s me) found herself lying bottom-half-naked, splayed on a table, towel over eyes, all set for her first ever Vajacial, and became a convert. Fuzz Wax Bar - What is a Vajacial?

The vagina—there, I said it—is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance right now. It’s a pretty hot topic and I don’t mean what it accomplishes between the sheets. Instead, what you can do with yours in the pamper, prip and prep department is strangely fascinating. (See the slideshow below for some ideas you’ve never considered.)

So there I lay, exposed to the air, waiting for my Vajacial. If you’re picturing something out of a Red Room scene in Fifty Shades of Grey (which, by the way, you should see—and here’s why), I can assure you that this treatment is nothing sexual. It’s a new 5-step process that’s fast and simple, designed to refresh you down there between waxes.

In case the name hasn’t revealed itself yet, this is a facial for your vaginal area. Before you cringe, let’s examine this issue. We all know what happens post-wax. You’re soft and smooth for about a week or so and then it starts: those painfully itchy bumps caused by sneaky ingrown hairs that can drive you to tear apart your skin with tweezers. All you keep thinking is Was it worth it? Well, who knows. I mean, is it ever really worth the torture that is holding your breath and sweating while your hair is ceremoniously ripped from their roots?

The fact is, we have our reasons for how we treat our most private parts, and at least with the Vajacial, we are getting a little help with the aftermath. In a quick 20 minutes, the procedure is meant to aid in the removal and prevention of ingrown hairs, to smooth your most delicate skin and treat the bruising discolouration the wax can cause—all while you lie there counting sheep, pretending you’re totally cool with an expert handling your lady bits.

Is it, well, weird to have someone plucking and prodding and running a small machine over your vagina? Sure, but let’s get some perspective here. It’s nothing compared to the naked gymnastics required for a proper Brazilian. So we’re in, and if you’re a regular waxer, how about this? You give it a try and report back.

Here’s what you’re in for with the Vajacial:

What You Do 

Set up your service for 10-20 days after your wax, when that mean old hair is just appearing under the surface of the skin. When you arrive, you’ll undress from the waist down. Lie on your back on the table, heels together. A towel will be placed over your eyes so you can to relax (read: try not to imagine anyone will ever know you did this), and let the expert do all the work.

The 5-Step Process

The good news is that this process is fast. You actually can talk yourself into relaxing once it gets started. There are 5 steps, and the waxer will take you through them. Fuzz On Bloor 61. It all starts with cleansing the area with antibacterial towelettes to clear away any impurities. 2. An exfoliator, used remove dead skin cells in preparation for extractions, lightly massages the area. 3. Tweezers and a lancet are then used to extract any ingrown hairs that are trapped beneath the skin. Don’t worry. It’s quick and just a few tweaks—nothing compared to the wax that landed you here in the first place. 4. A mask is then applied to the area, and on top of it, a high-frequency wand is used to infuse the product deeper into the skin to treat deep rooted ingrown hairs. You’ll feel tiny shocks as this happens. They don’t hurt, but yes, they feel strange. You may need to suppress a giggle. 5. When the moisturizer is applied to calm and soothe your skin, get ready to get dressed. You’re done.

The Benefits

  • Treats ingrown hairs
  • Helps remove dead skin cells and smooth any bumps
  • Assists in the prevention of discolouration and acne breakouts
  • Keeps skin overall healthy and moisturized
  • Shrinks enlarged pores
  • High Frequency has a germicidal effect which helps to prevent irritation from spreading


Vajacial Aftercare Before you book your appointment, keep these rules in mind for after so that unlike me, you don’t book a workout.

  • No exercise, tanning, sauna, or anything else that causes sweat from the pores for approximately 24 hours.
  • Avoid washing the area with any harsh or scented products for that time, too.
  • If the area feels irritated after service, use some aloe vera.
  • At home, maintain with a bikini brush or PFB Vanish to help prevent ingrown hairs, and moisturize to keep the area nice and hydrated.

Fuzz Wax Bar, at three locations in Toronto, focuses on all things waxing and is the only salon in Canada to offer the Vajacial. No manicures, no pedicures, just waxing done fast, affordably and really, really well. It’s waxing at its best—fast, focused and flawless service from professional Fuzzologists, all in the privacy of super clean waxing rooms. Goodbye razor. Hello gorgeous. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too, hashtag #FuzzVajacial. 5 Weird Things Women Do with their Vaginas

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