Just like everything else in your life, your holiday decor needs to stay on trend. Who wants to wear a coat that’s so yesteryear it doesn’t even look vintage or heels that are screaming 90s? Well, same goes for the season’s decorations, and in particular, your Christmas wreath. Chances are no one will give you the bad news: that your wreath looks sad and tired. Instead, yours will just be the house that people shake their heads at. Well no more pathetic for you. It’s time to step it up. You’re about to make your house the one where neighbours find their wreath inspiration. So how exactly can this model look be created?

There’s no sense breaking the bank transforming your holiday look year in and year out. Instead of starting from scratch each season, look for ways to incorporate new colour through accent pieces. Like adding the newest coloured ornaments to your tree, and getting creative with your wreath. All you need to update your Christmas wreath are a few smart ideas—and the folks at Canadian Tire have ’em. It’s a small touch, but oh so important.


Creating a modern wreath sounds quick and easy but not everyone is a DIY expert, so let’s walk through the process and see truly how simple a trendy seasonal wreath can be to make.How to create a modern holiday wreath

  • Dust off that Christmas wreath that has been hanging on your front door or over your mantle, season after season and with a few simple items we can make your front door really pop.
  • Gather your material, which should include a wreath, some ribbon or deco mesh and a few ornaments in apple green or holiday red. Check out the seasonal selection at Canadian Tire for a great selection.
  • Gather the mesh in 12-inch sections, adhering to the boughs on your wreath.
  • Decide how full you want your wreath to look. Burlap is also a nice touch for providing a natural background.

How to create a modern holiday wreath

  • Once the ribbon is attached to your wreath so it is appealing to you, start attaching the ornaments. You can stick with seasonal balls or ornaments or go more glam with a few holiday pics and/or poinsettias. Keep in mind that a random selection of decorations will pull the wreath together.

How to create a modern holiday wreath   How to create a modern holiday wreath

  • Looking at your wreath where you have attached the ribbon or burlap, add a few of your decorations such as poinsettias or round ornaments. Alternate between different types of decoration adding a few layers to your wreath.

How to create a modern holiday wreath

  • The wreath is now complete and all you need to do is attach it to your front door, add it to the brick wall or even hang it over your fireplace. Now your wreath is completely on trend, on budget and a conversation piece for all who enter your home.

How to create a modern holiday wreath

  • The same concept applies to trees and garland. Switch out a few of your traditional bulbs and ornaments and add a few in this years’ trend colours.

How to create a modern holiday wreath Insider Tip: To update your old, dusty wreath, just add small apple green ornaments or a few holiday red accents. You can do the same for garland. And while you’re modernizing decor, add pops of colour to your dining table as well using flowers, tree sprigs or an ornament centrepiece.

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