At Brazen Woman, we celebrate life and lifestyle to the fullest—all accomplished with a proverbial soundtrack in the background. And sometimes, it’s not so proverbial. Yes, you can catch us rocking out at concerts, hosting dance parties and crooning like crazy women in cars. When it comes to great tunes, singing along never gets old (and neither do we, right?). Plus, it’s no secret we also love hot dads (because seriously, who doesn’t?), and we’ve found one you’ve gotta meet—and listen to at the same time.

Some of you will get that chance, too. Ten lucky Brazen Woman readers will be joining us on August 12 to meet singer/songwriter Luke Nicholson in person at his concert in Toronto. To get us geared up for the show, we got up close and personal with Luke. And we’re happy to report that he’s a guy who is as sweet as he is talented. So read on and get to know all about him. Oh, and add his music to your playlist now. Before you know it, you’ll have it on repeat.


Randi Chapnik Myers: The title of your recent album, Frantic City, really struck a chord with us. Why is life so frantic for you right now?

Luke Nicholson: Everyone is moving at such a fast pace. A few years back, you weren’t reminded to worry about things unless you looked for them, but now, with constant bleeps of the phone, you can’t escape it. For me, I had just finished touring in Canada and committed to recording when I was approached to release a record in Germany. That meant flying off to Europe for tours, too. Life can be frantic for sure, but it’s all so worth it, it’s all so good.

RCM: How do you slow life down? What helps you take time for yourself, to really stop and go inside?

LN: I’m a very avid runner. Near our home in the Beaches, there’s a ravine and I make sure to run down to the lake at least three times a week. I have a playlist of songs I listen to and that helps me relax. The range is across the board, from older soul and funk to newer stuff like George Ezra and Kanye West. I don’t listen to music because I’m told to. It’s all about what I like.

RCM: Which is your favourite song on Frantic City and why? 

LN: I love the song Hello. It’s about second chances, the true story of reconnecting with my wife. She was the very first person I met when moved to Toronto. At the time, we were both in relationships, and we eventually tried dating but ended up parting ways. Then there was this patio party on King Street. I showed up late and when I saw her, I felt this unspoken dance happening. I just couldn’t figure out how to say hello to this person with so much history between us. Finally, I did it, and we talked through the night. We haven’t been apart since.

RCM: Your songwriting has been compared to two of our favourite artists of all time—yes, I know I’m dating myself. One is a young Elton John and the other is Billy Joel. How did that make you feel?

LN: I was humbled obviously, and also nervous. I mean, how do you follow that up? It really was the ultimate compliment. I’m a huge Elton fan, especially of his work from the 70s, and his ability to play piano and create lyrics. Everyone kind of hates the fact that Billy Joel’s Piano Man is so popular, but hey, think of it this way. There are about 10 songs in every repertoire that no matter where you are, everyone knows the words. These guys (and I’ll add Neil Diamond here) fall into that category.

RCM: We know you’re married, but enquiring minds wanna know: What do you find sexy in a woman? Give me your top 3.

LN: Her confidence is huge. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who walks into a room and commands it. My father has a big collection of old movies, and those big stars, like Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly, there was just something about them onscreen. They were so strong. Next, her eyes. You can see everything in a woman’s eyes: kindness, anger, whatever she feels. It takes a real man to look into a woman’s eyes long enough to read them, though, because remember, she can see inside you, too. Oh, and her smile. I love kindness. I have no room in my life for people to be unkind. I judge people by how they judge other people.

RCM:  If you could fashion the ideal date, what would happen? No censorship required.

LN: First of all, you need great conversation and to enjoy the other person’s company. I have a French Canadian wife and I’m Irish and our love life, in one word, is spirited. For a great date, I’d pick New York City. I love the energy, the food, the people, the hotels, everything. We’d land at La Guardia, go for pizza on Canal Street, wander around. New York is a real melting pot, but there’s nothing fake anywhere. I’ve been all over the world—touring Canada and Europe, visiting my brother in LA—but it’s not the same. So let’s say this: NYC with my wife, dinner, drinks, and absolutely no bedtime.

RCM: Your brother is out in LA? What’s he up to?

LN: He’s a producer in LA, working for Storyline Entertainment. He’s been involved in producing the last four Oscar Awards. He has quite the life. He once brought Renee Zellweger home to our parents for Thanksgiving!

RCM: Wow! For boys who grew up in a small town 2 hours north of Toronto, you’re both in the big leagues now. Are you surprised by that?

LN: Believe it or not, there are lots of famous people from there, including Neil Young and Serena Ryder. They’re actually doing a documentary about the Peterborough area because it’s kind of strange how many stars started out near there. People are always asking: What’s in the water out in Lakefield, anyway?

We can’t wait to meet Luke Nicholson live. In the meantime, enjoy checking him out at And while you’re at it, give him a follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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