The sun is out and we just want to kiss it. But our bodies are still recovering from the ravages of Winter’s deep freeze and our most vulnerable area – our lips – are in danger. They’re drier than the Sahara and may soon get burned. When it comes to skin care, no more overlooking your pucker. But what to do?

It’s so hard to find lip a lip balm that has everything we need—moisture, staying power, that perfect hint of shine. Plus, we care if our lip balm looks pretty when we pull it out. (Which we do. A lot.) Most of the effective lip balms just look and feel so clinical. Until now.

Carmex’s Moisture Plus Lip Balm Limited Edition Design Collection has got us hooked. Here’s your warning: Once you start using this stuff, you won’t be able to stop.

Ring a bell? You know Carmex. It’s the medical-looking leading lip balm sold in the little yellow metal tubs? Not anymore. Understanding that brazen women like us don’t want to whip something ordinary out of our handbags 50 times a day, Carmex has just released a Limited Edition Design collection of their classic balm and it’s encased in bright, fashionable printed tubes. You’ll still get polished, healthy, protected lips, but now your hydration comes with a side of style—yours.

The slimline balm sticks, a bargain at just $4.99 each, produce a clear, satin gloss finish that slides right on. The formulation contains aloe, vitamin E, and a broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen, all intended to baby your lips and keep them protected from the elements (including, and we can’t wait, the SUN) while still looking pretty darn luscious. This season, you can choose from three designs to cover every one of your moods. And like couture collections, Carmex will release additional limited edition designs making it easy to express your personal style with something as small as your tube of lip balm. Are you Chic, Adventurous, or Fab? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re all three.   Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm Limited Edition

How to wear your Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm

  • All alone for an almost bare natural look (ideal for the gym or just hanging around)
  • As a primer under your fave lipstick or gloss
  • Over a matte lipstick to help prevent drying or cracking (flaky lips are not so sexy)

Remember: This stuff is addictive. You won’t want to run out. So grab yourself a tube (or three). Fast.

Available at selected pharmacies across Canada ( $4.99 each).

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