Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that the 70s have taken back its reign on fashion. Designers have resurrected the styles of some of our fashion icons, namely, Stevie Nicks, Farah Fawcett and Grace Jones. We’re grooving on boho and the rest of the exciting styles already in store windows.

Right about now, we can hardly wait to be cloaked in colourful suede, fringe and billowy tops, and of course the trend that’s making its re-debut: The wide leg aka bell bottom aka flare pant. So we’re sorry to break the news to you skinny-jean devotees (OK, no we’re not!) but the flared leg is back…with a vengeance.

It’s been 10 years You'll Love Them: The Skinny on the This Fall's Flare Pants(a decade!) since skinnies first appeared, causing millions of cankles to be squeezed and squished into a too-small pant hem. But thanks to the Fashion Gods, our legs finally get the chance to breathe again.

So get ready to feel the air around them and to revel in your new hourglass figure. Oh and don’t forget the lovely illusion of leaner stems. Oh yes, pair those flares with some on-point platforms and you’ve got legs for days. Wait! Don’t race out to stock up on bell bottoms jeans alone.

This new/old trend covers a range of more flared options, including wide leg trousers, culottes and of course, denim. But remember: as with any other fashion trend, you have to find a way to make it for you, and that means taking stock of your own personal body shape. (Are you an Apple or a Pear? Hmmmm…)

Intermix repair flare, $265; FRAME Le High flare Jeans, $365; Seafarer front pocket flare jeans, $300; You'll Love Them: The Skinny on the This Fall's Flare Pants


1. FOCUS ON THE SHOE You'll Love Them: The Skinny on the This Fall's Flare PantsAlthough you’ll feel like you’re 6 feet tall in your flares, you’re really not, so be sure to hem those pants according to what shoe you’ll be wearing. Yes, you can wear flats, but remember, unlike skinnies, flares look rather sloppy when folded over or dragged on the ground. They have to sit at exactly the right length. Solution: Opt to have a second (or third, or fourth…) pair hemmed for when you wear your killer heels.

2. DON’T WASTE YOUR WAIST Aiming for a slim fit around the waist, hips and thighs will keep everything nicely in place—and give you that feminine hourglass shape. Unless you’ve got abs of steel, go for a more higher-waisted pant. It’ll smooth out any possibility of a (gasp!) muffin top, and will also make you look like you’re almost all legs.

Free People super flare, $100Citizens of Humanity Fleetwood flare, $298(available at Over the Rainbow); Suki flare by Silver Jeans, $95;

3. TRY ON TROUYou'll Love Them: The Skinny on the This Fall's Flare PantsSERS TOO Not into the fitted flare jean look? No problem. Up the sophistication factor by investing in flared or wide-leg trousers. You can still wear them with a nice pair of flats to make them casual. Plus, they’ll take you from day to office to night seamlessly.

4. GO FOR PERFECT PROPORTION Remember, everything in moderation, especially in fashion. You always want to keep your look in balance. That means if you’re wearing looser fit wide leg pants, you should pair them with a fitted top. High-waisted pants? Go for a cropped sweater or jacket that will meet them in just the right spot.

Giambattista Valli high waisted cotton flares, $400; L’Agence crepe wide leg black pants, $150; Carven grey wool wide leg pants, $800;

5. GET RIGHT INTO IT This is the trend to really let your style show, so don’t be shy. If you’re on the daring side, grab yourself a pair of You'll Love Them: The Skinny on the This Fall's Flare Pantsprinted trousers or bell bottom jeans and pair them with something simple on top. Or, do the opposite and keep it simple and streamlined on the bottom and top it a printed coloured blouse instead. Yes, you can keep those skinnies for the days you need to wear your high boots. But make sure to add some flair (pun intended) to your closet with these flare picks we love.

Choies wide leg orange pants, $34; Emilia Wickstead tarten wool trousers, $1745; Stella McCartney Etty brown trousers, $1000;

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