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Holiday time is coming and the search is on for hot destinations. Did you scratch travel to Iceland off your list because you figured you’d freeze? Well, think again.

There’s this little-known gem, right on your very own planet, where you can do ALL of these activites in one hour flat:

  •       Soak in a natural hot spring, aka a hot pot
  •       Step foot on a glacier
  •       Stand on a volcano
  •       Watch icebergs go by
  •       Dip in the ocean

Ah, Iceland. I was hooked, which is why I keep going back. So here’s how to get the most out of your trip. Go Free Leave the beaten path and visit outside traditional bus tours. Who needs the on and off the bus, clicking photos, on and off the bus, rinse and repeat drill? In a land this amazing, you want to experience the adventure, culture and people free of the confines of a strict schedule. Fly High travel to IcelandTo travel to Iceland from North America, book an overnight flight on Iceland Air into Keflavik airport (KEF). Economy, Economy Comfort and Saga class are all great but Saga is worth the splurge! Go for the northern facing side – seats A-C on the way there and D-F on the way back. Outbound, if there are clear skies, you’ll be treated to the dazzling northern lights right outside your window. Heading home, you’ll see fantastic views of Greenland. Get Floating travel to Iceland*After changing your money to Kronas, hop on the Fly Bus (you can buy a ticket on the bus and it’s even got wifi) *Get off at the first stop – The Blue Lagoon.  They will store your luggage while you enjoy luxuriating on a float in the warm lagoon, replete with a water massage and silica face mask, followed by a stroll through the lava fields *If you didn’t get enough of this experience, make sure you book the Fly Bus with a stop at the Blue Lagoon before your flight out. You’ll thank me for it! Strip Down travel to IcelandIf you’re going to swim, you’ll have to check your nudity fears at the door. All the warm pools, natural hot pots and the Blue Lagoon require you to shower and wash in the raw before you take a dip. You’ll even see washing instructions on the wall. If you swim in nature (hot pots), be prepared to see lots of bodies au naturel – and I recommend stripping down. If you’re shy, try skinny dipping in an evening hot pot under the Northern Lights. Heavenly. Heat Up Every Nordic country is famous for their Vikings and Iceland is no exception. Into rustic, easygoing guys? You may never want to leave this land. Yes, Game of Thrones, here we come. Unfortunately, women do outnumber men here, but luckily, there’s enough eye candy to go around. Keep Busy

travel to Iceland

Photo Copyright Anastasia Valentine

While you’re in Iceland, you won’t want to waste a second. There are too many activities to enjoy. Here are a few:

  • Visit the Geysirs 
  • Shop in Reykjavik – Sweaters, fashion, finds. Take a day to shop, eat, shop, eat, drink, shop, eat and eat
  • Free Walking Tour of Reykjavik
  • Explore on your own. Rent a car, take a walk. GO!
  • Drink some Brennivín (a.k.a. black death) but not too much!
  • Nibble on petrified shark (Hákarl) – if you dare
  • Þingvellir National Park
  • Vatnajökull – the Vatna Glaciers
  • Reykjavik Nightlife (not for the faint of heart)
  • Get out at night. In the fall and winter months, the Northern Lights dance in the sky
  • Take any tour by Goecco. You will experience Iceland firsthand, hear interesting stories, meet like-minded adventure travellers and see off-the-beaten-path sights:
  • Most of all, enjoy your trip to Iceland. It won’t be your last!


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