Looking forward to your vacay and dreading it at the same time? Love the holiday, but hate getting ready and set before you fly? It would be so easy if you could just jump into your suitcase and go. Travel takes a toll on the best of us. Soon you’ll be hitting the spa, beach or ski hill, but first, you have to get there in one piece. To help you fly happy and arrive even happier, we’ve got 4 tips you need to know.

4 Travel Tips You Need to Know Before You Take Off

Pack Smart

Use the most lightweight luggage you can afford.  As airlines crack down on weight allowances, every ounce of space is precious. Plus, even on wheels, a heavy bag will strain your back and arms as you lug it around airports and in and out of cars. While packing, distribute clothes evenly so there won’t be a heavier load on one side or in a corner. For a carry-on, unless you’re rolling a small one, you’re better off with an across-the-shoulder bag or backpack. Don’t bring an overstuffed purse that’ll have you cursing when you arrive on the other end with a pinched nerve in your neck.

Keep Moving

Airport lineups are inevitable – at check-in, baggage check, security check. You’re even likely to have to wait in the Starbucks line before the final line to board the plane. Sure, you offload bags as you go, but you’ll still spend plenty of time standing around. To avoid cramping in the lower back, remember to shift your body weight from side to side as you wait. Ignore the stares and try some simple arm and back stretches to relieve strain. Another trick: Keep one foot elevated on your bag while you wait in line, and switch often. When you lift luggage, bend at the knees, keeping your abs tight. When you turn, keep your nose and toes in the same direction.

Sit and Stretch

Expect to sit while you travel. Whether you’re in a car, plane or train, staying cramped in the same position hurts more than you realize. Find moments to stand and stretch your back, neck, shoulders and legs. Don’t be shy to let your seatmate know you need to get out. Then walk down the aisle and back or stop at the flight attendant area to stretch your limbs.

Don’t Sweat

Don’t sweat – both literally and figuratively. When travelling threatens to get the best of you, remind yourself you’re almost there. Take a breath and visualize where you’re off to – that sunny stretch of sand or the mountain air you’ll feel on your skin. If that doesn’t work, go ahead and order a glass something alcoholic. If nothing else, it will help you stay calm until you’re clinking glasses on holiday.

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