Are you a jet setter or do you just fancy yourself one in the summer time? Oh yes, we recognize you. You’re one of those women who’s always on the go. Can’t seem to sleep in one bed long enough to get a great sleep. Can’t seem to keep the fridge stocked with everything you want. Problem is, frequent travellers know it’s damn near impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road. Between the long-haul flights, jet lag, foodie dinners to die for and nice, long boozy lunches, and well-deserved naps, you’re probably going to fall off your routine way too fast. And then freak the hell out.

Need some smart inspiration to help you stay on the healthy wagon? Follow these tips and stay sharp and refreshed during your next trip.

6 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy On the Road

Stay Hydrated

6 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy On the RoadHydration is one of the most vital and easily maintainable aspects to healthy living. On flights, the lack of humidity in cabin air means your body will need some extra H2O.

Make an effort to drink a glass of water or club soda throughout the flight and try to avoid dehydrators like alcohol and caffeine. Once you arrive at your destination, keep a refillable water bottle with you that can be easily filled up in-between meetings or whenever you have some time.

Use the Fitness Centre

6 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy On the RoadScheduling exercise time into your itinerary is key for feeling healthy when you’re away.

Plan a time to workout as if it’s part of your itinerary. Speak to your travel advisor in advance and they’ll be able to recommend properties with quality fitness centres or swimming pools to help keep you on track. Depending on your preference, they can also book you in for personal training sessions, yoga or spin classes before you arrive so that exercise is planned and fits into your schedule.

Walk It Out

6 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy On the RoadWhenever possible, walk! Waiting at the airport? Take a stroll around and explore what Duty Free has to offer. New to a city? Discover it on foot. Find out where your meetings or outings are and consider walking as your transportation option.

Why not have a rule for yourself that you walk to any destination less than 20 minutes away? A small change like this can really benefit your health on the road and decrease fatigue during your trip.

Rise and Shine

6 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy On the RoadAlthough it can be tempting to sleep until at least noon when you have the luxury of a later start, sticking to an early rise can help you conquer the day ahead. We’re guessing you probably wake up early anyway and then force yourself back to sleep. Is that really the best way to get well-rested? No.

Allowing yourself the time to eat a proper breakfast, squeeze in a quick workout or catch up on the news will boost your energy, make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

Think Outside the Box

6 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy On the RoadIf you’re on a business trip, remember this: Not all client meetings need to be in a boardroom. Why not do something different this time?

You can suggest a round of golf or a tennis match for your next meeting, for instance. Not only will you get a workout while you’re working, but you’ll leave a lasting impression on any prospective clients for your creativity. Oh, and you’ll have more fun, too.

Eat Right, Drink Less

6 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy On the RoadIt can be tempting to over indulge on any trip away, especially if it’s on an expense account. The key is to control both your alcohol intake and your food choices, which we realize is not easy.

A smart rule to follow is to opt for healthier choices for two of your meals, and splurge on the third. Try to also limit alcohol to two drinks and reduce the number of sugar-heavy cocktails and high-calorie beers. While it is understood that eating out and drinking are often necessities of travel, you should try to mimic your regular nutrition habits as closely as possible.

Brian Robertson is the COO of Vision Travel, Canada’s largest travel management company, transporting more than 100,000 business travellers each year. He can definitely appreciate the importance of establishing a healthy routine during his many travels.

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