It’s our crowning glory and as we transition from summer to fall, our hair must transition with us. The goal is always the same: to walk around every day with beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. But the fact is, that bright summer hair doesn’t always cut it in fall. You may want to nourish your hair, change up the colour, go richer in tone.

How do you accomplish this beauty feat without destroying your locks? Easy. Just follow our tips and you’ll have the best hair on the block.

4 Easy Ways to Transition Your Hair Colour from Summer to Fall

Be Sure to Schedule Smart

Most hair colours can be low maintenance—if you visit the salon on a regular basis. The longer you wait in between visits, the more work usually has to be done. To always keep your desired results within budget, reschedule your appointments the day you are at the salon, and come back every 4-6 weeks. When you visit the salon on a regular basis, it’s almost guaranteed that every other visit will be very low maintenance.

How to Transition Your Hair Colour from Summer to Fall

Summer Blonde

When you are booking appointments, planning is key. You want to think about not just the service you are receiving today, but also what you’ll need to maintain your colour over the course of the month.

Let’s say on your first fall visit, you’re looking to get a balayage. With this, you may also be getting baby lights and an additional colour that helps tone. If you return within 4-6 weeks, most likely the second visit will be a subtle baby light and a toner. When you’re actively planning to maintain your hair, it’s easier for the colourist to maintain with you.

Try on a New Colour

What we all love most about the change in seasons is changing our looks. Now you’ve this built-in great excuse to sport a new hair colour, buy yourself a new wardrobe, and transition to your fall makeup to go with it all. Fall is the perfect time to try more colour. Whether you are ready for a subtle pastel or rich mahoganies, now is the time to change things up.

Also, depending on your summer tones, fall colour can be an extremely healthy boost to the texture of your hair. How? Use of gloss and toners work to richen up your locks, as opposed to the popular summer highlights with can sometimes make your hair a little dry, especially by the season’s end.

Follow the Trends with Care

How to Transition Your Hair Colour from Summer to Fall

Fall Blonde

The big trend this fall comes in the form of fantasy colours. Dimension is created by the use of multiple colours, after the hair has been lightened. Keep in mind, thought, that lightening the hair will likely require multiple trips to the salon to keep your hair safe. The fact is, while rose gold and pastels have been extremely popular colours, they do have a tendency to fade fast. As a result, it is important to be using a sulfate-free, colour-safe shampoo and conditioner that will help the colour last in between salon visits.

Focus on Your Hair Type

You always want to make sure that you create a professional at home regimen as well. That means using shampoos and conditioners that are made for your specific hair type. For instance, if you have naturally curly hair, try a shampoo and conditioner combo that is built for curly hair. Also, using heat protectants and primers for styling your hair can help it from becoming brittle and damaged. Like most other things in life, the effort you put into your hair is the effort it will give back to you.

Lindsey Olson is a Global Redken Artist and salon professional.




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