Been waiting all year to get outside and smell the tulips? Us too. At least long enough to enjoy nibbles and drinks on the deck. We love patio living, especially Spring-style. It’s time to get out and dress it up so you’ll feel as comfy outside as in. Whether you have a huge deck or just a square of lawn, you can transform your outdoor space into a cheers-worthy Garden of Eden. How, you ask? Simple. Start by divvying up your outdoor space just like you do the rooms in your home. Separate the areas, keeping in mind what you’ll be doing there: conversation, entertaining, dining. Now think about how many people you can accommodate in each ‘room’ and get ready to furnish using these ideas. Just hover over each pick below to see where you can buy.


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In any entertainment area, you’ll want as much comfortable seating as possible and we love these picks from Andrew Richards Designs. Just like indoors, if you stick with a neutral colour scheme – black, grey, cream, white, navy, brown – you’ll give yourself lots of flexibility to brighten things up with new cushions and pillows. Just make sure to use outdoor fabrics to minimize fading and the need to clean.


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With your seating set, you’ll need a great focal point, gathering spot and conversation piece. No matter how big or small your space, a cozy fire pit, such as these picks from Paloform, will keep everyone outside (and nibbling on dreamy S’mores) – even on cool nights. Check out the wide range of sizes and finishes available.


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Got space for meals outside? Look for a large sturdy dining table and durable, easy-to-sit-in chairs, so you and your guests can eat then sit back, pour wine and enjoy the stars. Be sure to choose furniture made from aluminium, stainless steel, teak, plastic and/or faux wovens to ensure it lasts through many summers.


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An outdoor rug – like these from Home Depot Canada – will make your exterior feel like home. It’s the best way to designate the different areas in a large space and cozy up any seating area. A punchy graphic will ensure you get lots of bang for your buck and there’s no vacuuming. Just hose it off. If you want to keep out of the sun and rain, an outdoor canopy, tent or umbrella is a must. Make sure whatever you choose can stand up to wind and you’ll be sitting pretty all Spring and Summer long. Bright woven planters liven up your space. They give a shot of colour, even when your blooms are taking a break. And no outdoor living room is complete without a few places to set down your drink. Go for a solid teak wood stool that can work as both a side table and as extra seating in a pinch. Get outside and claim your outdoor space!

Featured Image courtesy of Andrew Richards Designs

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