Every day, the celeb world is rife with scandal. But when you’re standing at the grocery checkout line, reading gossip headlines on the Web or hearing the latest at the water cooler, it’s impossible to separate fact from fiction. So, what were the real scandals of the past year? Read on for our 2013 celeb scandals wrap-up and our own special Brazen taken on each.




Illegally Blonde:  Reese Witherspoon may be famous for her southern belle charm but after sipping a few too many, she’s got a less-than-charming side. In April, while husband Jim Toth was being questioned for suspicion of DUI, Reese went ballistic on the officer, landing herself in custody for disorderly conduct. Sadly, the whole disaster was caught on tape.

When the video went viral, we couldn’t help but feel for our favourite Legally Blonde star. Luckily, Reese had class enough to apologize in true Elle Wood’s style. We’re cool with the fact that she’s not perfect after all.

Lance Armstrong

The Straight & Narrow: After years of denying he used performance-enhancing drugs, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong outed himself as a dope addict. He confessed to Oprah (and the rest of us) last January that he’s been drugged for the majority of his career. Dropped by his sponsors, the cyclist was stripped of his Bronze medal from the 2000 Olympic Games and Tour de France wins and handed a lifelong ban from cycling.

Lance may have lost his titles but we have to give him credit for courageously coming clean. He has even offered cyclists he has wronged a personal apology. Good on him.   brian griffin

Doggy Heaven:  In a shocking turn of events, our favourite TV dog was killed off Family Guy on the recent November 24 episode – only to be replaced with street-smart Vinny (voiced by Tony Sirico of The Sopranos fame).

Don’t start mourning yet, Ladies. Rumour has it we may see Brian Griffin reincarnated during the December 15 episode (Christmas Guy). We have a feeling Stewie might have something to do with this…     

 American Princess: While the UK was busy gushing over their newest addition, Prince George, a little princess was born last June in America. What catapulted the baby of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to fame, of course, was her parents’ choice of name: North. It took us a second to put together the first and last names but we actually like that the girl has got direction already. She knows exactly where she’s going and she can’t even walk yet.

Miley CyrusGirl Gone Wild: Our celeb scandal list is not complete without our Number 1 Bad Girl, Miley Cyrus. The former Hannah Montana Disney star tried to prove she’s all grown up with her outrageous live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. You have to see to believe the twerking, grinding, foam finger… and that tongue!

Bad taste? Sure. But let’s face it, the girl’s got some serious bravado and a PR advisor worth her weight in diamonds.  

jodi_fosterThe Real Reveal:  2013 was wonderfully loud with all those closet doors opening letting more and more gay celebs come out. Jodie Foster kicked off the year at the January Golden Globes when she announced on live TV that she is a lesbian. Soon after, stars started following suit, including Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller, Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons and Raven-Symone, the Cosby Show’s little cutie. Olympic swimmer Tom Daley even posted a video to his fans online.

Showing the world who you really are inside? That’s our definition of Brazen. Applause, applause, applause. (And seriously. Check out the arms on her. Beauty.)    Featured Image Photo Credit: mamabiz.com

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