The most romantic place on earth? What’s your pick? We see friends posting pics from this not-so-far-away land and we’re oozing envy out of every pore. Where else can you find incredible scenery, stunning oceans and beaches, delectable food, gorgeous people and lest we forget: some of the best wine on earth? Italy, of course.

Oh yes, ti amo, Italia. We not only love you, we want you, we need you, we adore you. You are the ultimate escape and if we can’t get there now, we’re at least doing our part to recommend you to anyone who can.

Need some Italian inspiration to savour, as if the idea of Latin Loving weren’t enough? Here are three unique ways to discover this amazing country and its luscious native wines. (You lucky beeyotch, you.)

Learn to entertain Italian-style!



The best wine resorts in Italy: LOCANDA TERENZI, TUSCANYIn Tuscany, far, far away from the mass tourism, you can stay in what is literally an authentic temple of wine. It’s called the Terenzi winery, and you’ll find it near Scansano, the heart of Maremma and home to the famous Morellino wine.

Get ready to kick back and chill for a couple of days in the lodging house Locanda Terenzi and choose from one of two fantastic holiday packages. Included in your stay is a visit to the wine cellar and enjoy local delicatessen tastings or a free entrance to Saturnia, home to natural thermal baths with warm open-air pools. Another option: Opt for a horseback ride through the hills covered with vineyards and olive trees. Big sigh.  


The Most Romantic Wine Resorts in Italy: BAGLIO DI PIANETTO AGRIRELAIS, SICILYLonging for the deepest Italian South? This locale is known for its prime sunbathing in the sea breeze that brings the scent of the Mediterranean right to you. Agrirelais is about as romantic as it gets. Owned by the Baglio di Pianetto winery in Piana degli Albanesi, you’ll find this sweet resort just a few kilometres from Palermo in a corner of Sicily intimately tied to its traditions.

Silence, nature and vineyards surround the elegant country house where you’ll sink into the ultimate relaxation while enjoying deluxe cuisine—and of course, the most delicious wine on earth. Days flow into each other, as you enjoy visits to the wine cellar, lazy hours in the swimming pool, a walk in the shadow of the trees. Here, wine tasting will introduce you to the spot where Sicilian nature meets French style.


Best Wine Resorts in Italy: ROCCAFIORE COUNTRY CHIC RESORT, UMBRIAThe Roccafiore winery is jewel located halfway between North and South Italy, near Todi in Umbria. It’s a country chic resort lying in a bio-natural reserve, an open garden of 90 hectares of vineyards, lawns and olive groves.

You’ll be amazed at a breathtaking landscape you’ll never want to leave, that also happens to be home to a fine restaurant and a wellness centre that will keep you feeling your best—something we all need when food and wine are this good. PS. At this winery, you’ll be introduced to the unique and wonderful taste of Grechetto, and you’ll have a new fave for life. 

So, where will you go first? And can we come?   

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