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With love in the air all around us, it’s time to make your move. This Valentine’s Day month, rather than just making dinner reservations, why not go all out? To rekindle the spark and get the fire roaring in your relationship, here’s my advice: Get Thee to the Spa – ON A BOAT! Let me set the floating stage. You feel the snowflakes fall as the two of you luxuriate outdoors in the water circuit of the Nordic baths. Ah, it’s time for your couples’ massage. The lull of the water of the St. Lawrence rocks you gently on the massage table as you await your bliss to the serene strains of a harp. Relaxing, you feel stress evaporate… Hooked yet? You will be.

Anchored in the Old Port of Montreal, Bota Bota is the only spa-sur-l’eau of its kind. As a passenger, you’ll be treated to the healing benefits of a spa while being lulled by the natural movements of the river. With its enchanting ambiance, and Old Montreal as a magical backdrop, this innovative floating spa offers all who come aboard relaxing and energizing properties treatments, including massage, body, mani-pedi and even yoga on the boat.

Bota Bota boasts five decks and among them, you’ll find two saunas with incredible views of the river and the Old Port, a eucalyptus steam bath, outdoor whirlpool baths, cold plunge baths, relaxation areas, a restaurant, terraces and a garden. Delight your taste buds at the spa-sur-l’eau restaurant, operated by Auberge sur la Route, with Michelin-starred chef Éric Gonzalez at its helm.

Travel, Spa & Romancbota_hiver-8944e Junkie Tips:

  • Looking for a quick fix?  Easy!  Get to Bota Bota before 11am every morning for a discount on the water circuit
  • Tuesdays are for two where you can also get a great price on the water circuit only or a water circuit + massage!
  • Want to wind down for the evening? If you arrive after 7pm, you’ll not only enjoy a long night’s sleep but nab a great deal on the circuit as well

For more info and to book directly, visit the Bota Bota website!  Enjoy & indulge!


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