If there’s one dish I’ve always wanted to learn how to make, it’s chicken soup—that classic remedy for everything that ails everyone everywhere. The one time I tried, the chicken soup recipe was so long and convoluted, I was exhausted. And in the end, the broth was fraught with so many teeny bones, I was scared to eat it. Instead of getting all warm and fuzzy inside, I almost hung up my apron for good. Oh yes, I’m a real do-gooder. The Magic Potion: Easy Cure-All Chicken Soup Recipe

Then I went and I broke my leg, and for awhile there, I could hardly master the required tasks of daily living (you know, showering, dressing, buying latte). So imagine my absolute delight when my sister-in-law landed on my doorstep, Fairy Godmother-style, with a huge pot of her special, world-famous, magic potion chicken soup cure-all in hand.

All I can say—besides THANK YOU, SISTA!—is that the biggest gift of all in life is taking the time to pay it forward. And surprise! As it turns out, this chicken soup recipe is highly shareable because it’s actually as easy to make as it is to go down. Now, thanks to her (and me), you have no excuse but to make chicken soup every time you or anyone you know needs a little love.

So hit share on this post and pay it forward. This is the ultimate in comfort food, served up right here, right now.



  • 2 packages of Kosher chicken carcasses, a massive breast, a leg and a thigh

Insider Tip: You can use a whole chicken instead, but the bones add mega flavour. The kosher chicken is the secret here. It is naturally salty and tastier and is actually bred to become chicken soup!

  • 5 large fat carrots, peeled and hacked into 5 sections
  • Half a head of celery, with leaves, chopped into 5 sections
  • 1 large onion, cut in half
  • 1 parsnip, sliced
  • A big handful of fresh dill
  • 3 chicken or vegetable soup cubes
  • Broad egg noodles
  • Pepper and lots of salt, to taste

Insider Tip: If you think soup cubes are  “cheating” think again. They add a lot of flavour. We like the vegetarian cubes by McCormick, chicken flavour. 


The Magic Potion: Easy Cure-All Chicken SoupCover all these ingredients with water in a large pot. There won’t be a lot of room for water there is so much stuff in this soup (which is why it’s so condensed and flavourful). Bring to a full boil then turn down to a moderate boil (above a simmer, below a rolling boil) for an hour. Remove the carcass, pull the chicken off the bones, and return it to the pot. Add some water back in to ensure there is enough broth, then add pepper and lots of salt to taste.  Serve with broad egg noodles boiled separately.

VEGETARIAN VERSION: Thanks to another sister-in-law (lucky me, right?), just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you don’t get cured. Vegetarians will love this comfort soup, too. Just leave out the chicken, or better yet, trade it for leeks and peppercorns. The large pieces make the broth flavourful, and easily strainable, too.

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