We may be all grown up, but somewhere inside, we are forever Daddy’s Little Girl. So what did we learn from our fathers besides how to crack open a beer and pour it on an angle? Oh so much. And just in time for Father’s Day, we asked all of you to share how your dad shaped you—so we can all benefit, of course. Try not to cry, k?


The best advice I got from Dad

Stacie Ikka and Dad

*My Dad taught me how to drive and also to drive a 5-speed. Check my oil, charge a battery and be an independent women. Things I value as his only daughter. I’m now teaching my children those same life skills.  -Tamara McPherson 

*My dad taught me how to fish!  -Stacie Ikka

*He taught me that some of the answers I am looking for are easier to find on my own rather than always asking someone else for them.  -Lian Wright 

*My Dad told me before he passed away at age 58, “Do whatever you do for love – and it will always be for the right reason.”  -Natalie Singer 

Mara Shapiro and her Dad

Mara Shapiro and Dad

*My Dad proudly marched to the beat of his own drummer. He used to say “Don’t piss it away”. It was his favourite expression and pretty much covered everything—time, money, love, friendships, even a great meal. He  taught me to value myself and what I was capable of, and to never lose myself in my family. He was a firm believer in living life to the fullest, and he did just that until the day he died.  Mara Shapiro

*Don’t go into law—you can’t be creative with the law.  -Melanie Wolfe  *Oh the things my dad taught me!

  • Always have one eye on your job and one eye on the classifieds
  • Keep smiling because you’re more blessed than you think
  • The man you marry should put a smile on your face not tears in your eyes

He had such a fighting spirit. The day the doctor told him he had only months to live, he looked at her and said “F#%k you! You’re not going to tell me how long I’m going to live! You don’t know how many times I’ve beat death already!” (He did live 6 months longer than predicted, and prior to the cancer, he came back from an aneurysm, cardiac arrest, heart attack and a stroke.)  -Dessy Danishwar 

The best advice I got from Dad

Randi Chapnik Myers and Dad

*Watching my dad chit-chat with strangers in line taught me that everyone has a story that’s worth knowing. Through his example, I also learned to relax and enjoy the ride—no matter where I’m going. Oh, and to whistle along the way.  Randi Chapnik Myers

*Accept yourself and others as they are. Not as you expect them to be.  -Dawn Mucci 

*Work hard and to be generous.  -Nicole Graham

*I have lived my entire life by my father’s invaluable advice: Actions speak louder than words. And those words of wisdom have NEVER let me down. It is easy for people to tell you what you want to hear, but it is an entirely different experience when those people have the integrity and honour to back up their words with action. His other sage advice that resonates loudly: BE NICE!!  -Paula Tward-Mellon 

The best advice we got from dad

Jacki Yovanoff and Dad

*Think on big decisions for at least 24 hours.  -Jacki Yovanoff 

*It’s important to know how to use basic tools and be self sufficient. Never start a road trip with less than 1/2 a tank of gas. Check your tire pressure more often than you think you need to. Sometimes you need to throw the putter.  -Jenn Annis 

*How to drink coffee with milk, no sugar.  -Sharon Hodor Greenthal

*He taught me to live each and every day by the Golden Rule. My Dad was gentle, kind and had a wacky sense of humour, too.  -Elizabeth Vlug 

*Not only did I learn directly from my dad, but I also inadvertently learned not to push and defer things too far off in the future. My dad always wanted to go to Europe, and listened so intently to my stories about the trip I made. When he was hospitalized, he had me looking into family Eurail passes so we could all go. Sadly, he passed away not ever having fulfilled that, fairly attainable, dream. He has been gone for over 23 years, and I have moments still, where I’m struck by my loss of him in my (and my family’s) life.  -Sharon Berman

So thanks Dad!  This weekend, and every day of the year, we want to tell you how much we appreciate that you were there to teach us the important things in life.

Tell us. What’s the greatest thing you learned from your father?

Featured image: BrazenWoman fashion contributor Dessy Danishwar and her Dad

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