Ask any woman to describe her body and you’ll never get the same answer twice. Short narrow shoulders, wider hips and a long rise. Tall, all angles and a long, narrow torso. Busty with curves from here to there and everywhere in between. Just plain petite, top-to-bottom.  And somehow, we’re all supposed to buy our dresses in standard sizes from the same store? Yah right.

Men have it easy. They can get their hands on quality bespoke clothing (that’s custom made in fancy talk) on any high-end shopping avenue. Lucky men, they’ve had the benefit of mail-order shopping services out of Asia for years. They get measured, choose their fabric and style, and voila! Six weeks later a package arrives with their custom clothes, sewn to their precise measurements. All while we gals are left shopping in standard sizes. For us, custom is just another word for couture. Translate: expensive.

Not anymore. Get your credit cards out because Dress Mavens is on the scene. Tired of ill-fitting run-of-the-mill off-the-rack garments, founders Nadine and Paulina set out to change all that with their commitment to a life-enriching motto: Forget size, Focus on fit. What a relief. Dress Mavens

Their easy-to-navigate online shop offers customized dresses to help women of all shapes – plus to petite – embrace their beautiful versatile shapes and feel fantastic in the perfect dress. From classic to modern, funky to sleek, day to night, these dresses are gorgeous, comfortable, and most of all, will fit and flatter any female figure. And because you can buy from the comfort of your own home or office (or bathroom if that’s where online shopping is made easiest), there’s no store, no fitting room, no hunting for the right size (or finding you’re between sizes, sigh).

Let’s recap: custom-made, perfect fit, luxurious fabrics, pyjama shopping. SOLD! So how does Dress Mavens work? It’s simple. Ordering a dress takes about 10 minutes. And that’s only if you’re indecisive.

If you can count to five you can do this. Dress Mavens - how to order

Step 1: Choose your dress style This is the hard part because all of the dresses are so pretty Step 2: Take your measurements Check out the handy directions and diagrams  Step 3: Customize your design based on your body shape, personal preferences, colour and fabric choice Pick the one you love most! Step 4: Click to order Step 5:  Wait for your dress to arrive. And not that long. Before you know it, your piece will be at your doorstep, perfectly hand-made from high quality fabrics and sewn to fit by expert tailors.

Dress Mavens measurement screen Got questions? We’ve got answers!

I’m nervous to buy a dress online. Are they nice? Well, let’s just say that we are addicted to our Audrey in green (It was worn to lunch with The Bachelors and they were enthralled). We keep stealth browsing the site for our next fix. How much does it cost? All dresses are $249 and shipping is free to the US and Canada. How long does it take? Your dress will be at your door, beautifully packaged, in 3-4 weeks. Where are the dresses made? They’re designed in Canada and produced in Vietnam by award-winning custom tailors.

What if I’m an odd size? Well, since all dresses are made to order, just to fit you, everyone is an odd size. How refreshing is that?

How do I know it will fit? If the measurements are correct, the dress will fit. The Brazen editor who tried Dress Mavens is notoriously bad at math and her dress fit like a dream.

Connect with Dress Mavens and ask your questions on their Facebook page. Find them on Twitter at @dressmavens. AND share your photos on Instagram @dressmavens with the hashtag #dressmavensgiveback, and a donation of $1 per photo will go to the Quang Nam Orphans and Handicapped Children Center in Hoi An, Vietnam.

We’d love to see you in your Dress Mavens dress, too, so please tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you share your new look! 

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