By now, you should be at peak relaxation. It’s that point in the summer when we’ve gotten so used to easy, breezy living—cocktail in hand—that our brains are practically broken. If it’s too hard, or too complicated, or too high maintenance, we’re out. That’s why our goal is to give you all the tools you need to make living easy by rounding up the best products we’ve recently featured in our weekly newsletter The Sunday Scoop. If you don’t get the Sunday Scoop delivered to your inbox, you’re missing out. Join us here. (That wasn’t so hard, was it?) And now, there’s nothing left for you to do, except that is, kick back, read on, and spend your summer enjoying. You deserve it. THE 5 MUST-HAVE PRODUCTS FOR ENJOYING SUMMER 1. OUR BEST IN DRINK: CRABBIE’S FRUITS The Best of the Sunday Scoop- 5 Products We LoveAlthough we do adore a great cocktail (or three!), it’s refreshing to be able to just grab a cold bottle and go. But we’ve got requirements: To really keep us hooked, our favourite drink has gotta be refreshing, and bubbly, and sweet. Especially if we’re anywhere near water. What’s hitting the spot this summer? It’s our go-to cold one, Crabbie’s Fruits. What We Love: In case you’re slow to the party, these are delicious coolers from the brand best known for their alcoholic Ginger Beer. Both flavours—Zesty Lemon and Black Cherry—are lower in alcohol (4%), offer just the right tang, and have zero artificial colours or flavour. Plus, they’re fruity, which is a must all year round. Best served ice cold, straight from the bottle, with friends in tow. 2. OUR BEST IN GADGETS: MYTAGALONGS EYEGLASS CASE  The Best of the Sunday Scoop- 5 Products We LoveEyeglasses. Check. Reading glasses. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Sounds like we’re covered for spectacles. But who has room in their handbag to carry cases for all of those eyeglasses? Solution found. Wave hello to your brand new eyeglass case from mytagalongs, purveyors of lady-gadgets designed to make our lives eminently easier. What We Love: It’s a versatile neoprene case that comes in lime green, hot pink, or black and is literally the eyewear protection version of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. The best part? It fits almost any size of sunglasses, and is perfect for toting your prescription readers too (oh, what has happened to us?!). It’ll even hold three pairs at once. You need this case. Just $8 at 3. OUR BEST IN BODY: FEETREAT PEDI The Best of The Sunday Scoop: 5 Products We LoveNot only do your feet take a beating in summer, but the abuse is out there for all to see. Nobody wants to look at your dry, calloused feet, no matter how much they love you. Which is why FeeTreat, an exfoliating foot mask from Korea-based Look Beauty is definitely in the running to become your new best friend. What We Love: This treat is in the bag, literally. Enriched with chamomile and natural botanical and papaya extracts, these little plastic bag socks remove calluses, exfoliate, and smoothe—with zero effort on your part. All you have to do is put them on and wear for 30-90 minutes. Within a week, your feet will be softer than a baby’s bottom. Why do strange things always have to be so wonderful? $10 at Shoppers Drug Mart. 4. OUR BEST IN TECH: PHANTOM GLASS The Best of The Sunday Scoop: 5 products We LoveOops. Smash. Damn. Crack. Oh, the string of curses after you’ve dropped your phone. Again. Well, no more—at least not for us. We’re hooked on the slick look and saving graces of Phantom Glass: It’s the last screen protector you’ll ever need for your phone or tablet. And FYI, it actually works. Unfortunately. or maybe fortunately too, we’ve already put it to the test. What We Love: It’s available in lots of cool colours to suit your style and takes seconds to install on your smartphone or tablet. It’s so thin you won’t even know it’s there—until you get the dropsies, that is— and it won’t interfere with your hi-res screen or camera flash. Yay. Now you can save your swear words for some other problem. From $34.95 at these locations. 5. OUR BEST IN SUNSCREEN: SUN BUM The Best of the Sunday Scoop- 5 Products We LoveWe can’t preach enough: Sunscreen is a necessity. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and a little sexy, too. We’re mad for Sun Bum, a sun care line that injects a little surfer chic into the mundane world of sun protection. Created in Cocoa Beach, Florida, these bums know how to make sunscreen cool. What We Love: It’s a sunscreen that goes on easily, is non-irritating, smells beachy, and really protects your skin. After time spent on the dock, you’ll boast a gorgeous glow with no hint of red in sight. Make sure to try the convenient Facial Stick and slather on the Cool Down if you’ve indulged a little too much. Buy the full product line at Shoppers Drug Mart. PS. If you’re looking for just the right Beach Read, pick up Jackie Collins’ new book, The Santangelos Have you joined The Brazen Insiders Our super-exclusive Private Facebook group is where the real fun happens.    

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