Mother’s Day is almost here again, and that means we’ve got Mama on the brain. She’s the one person who gets to say I told you so as many times and in as many ways as she flippin well wants, and too often, she’ll be right. Last year, we featured the brilliant Mom-isms in the book Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee and this year, we’re trying something different. We put this question to our community: What’s the greatest/funniest/most memorable lesson the old broad taught you about life? As usual, the answers were amazing. In fact, we love these responses so much, we’re showing them off.

Happy Mother’s Day to the wise woman in all of our lives.

Lessons Our Moms Taught Us: What is one great thing your Mom taught you about life?

  • “Have sex with your husband every day, even if you’re not in the mood, because eventually you’ll get in the mood and it will keep your marriage happy.” I wish I could mock her, but my parents have been married 46 years and are still totally in love and happy together, while I’m on my second marriage wondering why I ever did it a second time! —Jackie
    Thanks Mom: The Best Lessons My Mother Taught Me

    Gale and Mom

  • The first thing that comes to mind is ‘be true to yourself’. This was a mother/daughter chat just before the ‘dating’ stage of my life. —Gale
  • The only thing my mother ever taught me, and believe me, it was unintentional, was to never be like her in any way whatsoever. —Denise
  • One of the many many things she taught all of us kids was to ‘go for the best parking spot’ right at the front. 9 times out of 10 you’ll find an amazing spot if you just look….a little metaphor for life as it were. —Perri
  • The Best Lessons Our Mom Taught Us

    Randi and Mom

    My mom taught me to celebrate life, starting at home. She used to say the people make the party but she’s the one who brings the fun. I can’t even count the number of parties she’s thrown, from family dinners to intimate girl trips to surprise bashes with speeches and slideshows. When she’s around, everyone is smiling. And I’ve adopted her guest list motto: When in doubt, invite! —Randi

  • She showed me the value of winter boots. As kids/teens, we complained about wearing them and hated the look and would wear shoes and freeze. Now, I would never not wear winter boots! —Sheri
  • Resiliency. I am always in awe watching her bounce back from all of the blows that have come her way. She accomplishes this with grace, gratitude and great humour. —Ellen
  • Thanks Mom: The Best Lessons My Mother Taught Me

    Heather and Mom

    I grew up with a stay at home mom who was always on a committee, helping with bake sales or volunteering each week in our school. It’s something I have carried on and step in to give my time whenever I can. Even now, she is helping a local school, sick elderly, her local church and on other community committees. —Heather

  • My mom used to tell us, ‘Don’t bother doing something if you’re going to do it half-assed’. She was right:If you’re going to take the time to do a task or job, you may as well do your best and do it right the first time. Wise words. —Mara
  • Try not to future worry… She still says it to me, and I often remind her of the same thing. It makes no sense to worry about the unknown and what will happen in the future. Focus on the now; plan wisely for the future. —Shayla
  • Thanks Mom: The Best Lessons My Mother Taught MeMy mom taught me to always give people the benefit of the doubt. She was able to see the good in everyone. She died 27 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I have tried to keep to that value and instil it in my four children. —Debbie
  • My mom pretty much forced me off to Europe on my own after I finished high school a semester early. I was reticent largely because I felt it was important to go with someone to be able to reflect back on it together later. I think it taught me more than any other experience, that being alone never needs to mean you are lonely. As well, learning street sense gave me confidence in potentially dangerous situations. I made a few ‘mistakes’ while I was there and ‘could’ have disappeared forever, I suppose. But I lived to tell the tale, so to speak. haha. I never told her some of the dumber things I did there. —Marla
  • The Best Lessons Mom Taught Me

    Jo Anne and Mom

    The most important thing my Mother taught me is not to cry over spilled milk. She showed me how to think before acting because most things aren’t worth getting upset over. —Colleen

  • My mother taught me about respect and commitment. If you say you are to be somewhere then make sure you show up. My mom hates when people cancel things last minute and feels people just can’t stick with their commitments. She says of someone invites you somewhere, they want you there so you should go. —Cindy
  • My Mom taught me to never feel sorry for myself for long. You had 5 minutes for your pity party, that’s it. She was diagnosed with progressive MS in 2000 and to this day I have NEVER heard her say “poor me”, or “why me?” She always thinks it could be worse. Plus, she taught me to laugh through life vs cry cause no one likes a cry baby and it makes your mascara run! Boom! Ha ha! —Jo Anne

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