So? What are the worst Christmas gifts ever? We know the drill: Giving a gift is a gift unto itself. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. It’s the thought that counts. BULLSHIT.

The 24 Worst Christmas Gifts We've Ever Received You can keep your cliches and toss that “gift” in the trash. Not to be ungrateful or anything but the rest of us work damn hard to find just the right gifts for all the people we love. So don’t we deserve a little thoughtfulness along with the generosity?

Although we’re too ladylike to say it to anyone’s face, we’re saying it here. Shame on you! If you’re going to give us a dud, we have every right to grumble about it. And we did—inThanks But No Thanks: The Worst Gifts Ever Received our not-so-secret community of women on Facebook (click right here to join the party and become a Brazen Insider). So we could share the un-love and mega laughs.

Ready to be shocked by some pretty awful gift ideas? Here’s our real-life list of The Worst Gifts Ever Received. So if you’re thinking of picking up any of these for anyone, DON’T.


The 24 Worst Christmas Gifts We've Ever Received 1. Cheap bubble bath, the kind that smells awful and gives you a raging yeast infection. ~Beverly

2. Every year we receive a holiday gift from a company we deal with. It’s always something made by a local artist (I use that term loosely). Aside from the metal pineapple, and the glass pumpkin, the one that stands out most was a remnant piece of granite that had two Home Depot cabinet knobs on each end and they called it a cheese tray. It hasn’t seen the light of day since first viewing! ~Lisa

3. One year, my MIL gave me a pink lurex sweater. Hideous and thankfully came with a gift receipt. ~Deborah

4. I was given a pair of knock-off Spanx from the dollar store for Christmas. Was amazing for my self esteem! But, it did steer me away from the sweet tray! ~Jodi

5. A beautiful sweater that was THREE sizes too small. ~Sandy

6. My mother bought me an Indigo card for Chanukah but then when I saw her, she said ‘Oh I bought you an Indigo card but I wanted something so I spent it’. ~Mara

7. My parents bought my brother a back shaver. Yes, they really did… ~Patricia

8. My parents bought me a men’s coat. They searched the ladies’ department and could not find one they liked so they went over to the mens’. One of those strange but true things. ~Debbie

9. My ex-husband gave me a $50 Esso card. Of course he followed it up with a printed-out copy of the Canadian Corporate Tax Guide. So you know, it wasn’t all bad. ~Kat

The 24 Worst Christmas Gifts We've Ever Received 10. It wasn’t Christmas, but for my wedding, I got a box of crackers. I think that whoever brought it didn’t want to walk in the door without some sort of a gift. We didn’t open gifts until the next day, and it was a wrapped box of $3 crackers, with no card. It’s been over 20 years and we still have no idea who brought it. Nobody has owned up to it. ~Danielle

11. A hand-held can opener. From my husband. He couldn’t even splurge for an electric one? And then he was perplexed as to why I was unenthusiastic about it. ~Jackie

12. My family once gave me one of those cordless carpet sweepers. ~Daliah

13. I once got an ironing board and an iron. Grumble. ~Cindy

14. I gave my mom dirt for Mothers Day once. She had asked for top soil for her garden. ~Patricia

15. The worst gift ever: a toilet scrub brush made of clear acrylic with seashells suspended in it. Why?!? ~Sarah

16. A melted candle! ~Marnie

17. Hot pink, baggy velour leisure suit in grade 7. All I wanted were Jordache jeans and I got the opposite. ~Karen

18. My MIL gave me an ankle-length plaid (green, red and yellow) skirt with a “matching blazer” in tobacco yellow a few years ago. Ugly does not do it justice. Another year, I received a two-foot tall tea light holder shaped like a cat, complete with cat shaped cutouts all over it. To the let light shine through of course!  ~Suzanne

19. An XL Roots sweater. From the child section. Because it was on sale. I take a large adult. ~Joanna

20. Two metal folding chairs out of the eight we registered for—from an out of town relative. We’re not sure why 2. ~Shayla

21. A SCALE. And yes it really hit home! ~Heather

22. One year at work, someone gave me an an opened bottle of wine. There was probably only a glass out of it but the cork was stuffed back in. ~Angela

23. Fruitcake. Why did it not go the way of the jello mold? ~Jodie

24. A co-worker gave me a clock with a dolphin and sea shells glued up the side. I didn’t know whether it was a joke or not. It was not. I tried re-gifting it to my sister (as a joke). And I looked all hurt when she opened it and started to laugh. But I couldn’t keep a straight face for long. ~Elizabeth

The 24 Worst Gifts Ever Given What’s the worst Christmas Gift You Ever Received? 

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