Well, you asked for it. You wanted to test fantastic products and give us your take on them, and your wish is our command. As we always say, it’s one thing for us to tell you something is great—but it’s quite another for you to prove us right. When you join our Brazen Test Team, you get to try the goods we recommend so we can share your scoop. And for Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1, your results are in.

Test Team Brazen Loves: Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1We do way too much laundry for anyone’s good. So the detergent we use—how well it works, how delicious it smells—is one of our most important buys. Why? Because our clothes are a reflection of who we are, and we want the best for them. And from the first time we tried this one, we’ve been hooked. Seriously, this product has changed our lives.

We’ve already been very clear about how much we love Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1, so we asked our Test Team to put it to the test. Does it deserve the #BrazenLoves hashtag? You bet! Almost 80% of our testers say they’re now Persil converts—and will recommend their new favourite to friends.

And no, we’re not surprised. Now that’s what we call sharing the Brazen Love!

Why the Brazen Test Team Loves Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1

The Persil Test

Test Team Brazen Loves: Persil ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1Only one-quarter of our testers had ever used Persil before, so it was new to most. But get this: Almost 30% of testers heard about Persil first right here on Brazen Woman! Since almost 70% of our testers do four or more laundry loads every week, they were on the hunt for the best detergent they could find, especially since the overwhelming majority of them are—you guessed it—the ones who do all the laundry.

Going into the test, one-third of women reported that they were already loyal to one brand, so we had our work cut out of us. The biggest factor, most agreed, would be how well the detergent cleaned the clothes, followed by considerations such as the scent, price and brand name.

Makes sense, right?

The Feedback

What did our testers have to say about Persil?

Read all about it…

“Loved it! Product works great! I would definitely buy it.”

“Thank you for letting me test this. I absolutely LOVED Persil, my laundry smelled awesome and I loved that you only have to use a small amount!”

“I was very impressed with Persil ProClean. My husband is a welder, and his clothes get pretty dirty. Persil ProClean was amazing at getting out the grease stains!”

“Looong time Tide user, but thought Persil was equal.”

More Persil Love

We love nothing more than turning our readers into fans of products we love. And that’s what happened here.

Check out these fantastic stats:

The huge majority—almost 96% per cent of testers—really enjoyed their Persil Pro-Clean Laundry experience. We’re not surprised by what they loved most: the smell, the freshness, the removal of dirt and stains, and the fact that it provides better results than their current detergent.

The best part? Almost 80% of women who tried it say they will use Persil again and will recommend it to friends. Now that’s what we call sharing the love.

Ready to become a Persil convert too? Buy it today at major retailers across Canada—and don’t forget to share the love.

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