It’s Big News. The second the headlines read Amy Schumer Poses Almost Nude in the new Pirelli Calendar, we can’t help but click the links. Without much thought, we are mobilized. We need to see this, we think. We need to see how it all turned out. And then it happens.

We do see it. We see her. It’s Amy Schumer topless, in all her glowing skin glory, flaunting what the Good Lord gave her, displayed for the world to ogle through the eyes of celebrated shutterbug, Annie Liebovitz.

When the already infamous photo is posted on Amy’s (yep, we’re on a first name basis here) Instagram page and captioned, “Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman”, we are in love. We wonder how we ever lived without this woman’s random acts of I just don’t give a crap.

Amy Schumer Instagram Post Nude Pirelli Calendar

OK wait. On second thought, we think we love this. But then again, we adore Amy. She’s one of our most brazen women for many reasons. Of course, we’re not alone. Many women find Amy’s outing incomprehensibly brave. After all, how willing would most of us be to pose for an Italian tire calendar, with all our lumps and bumps and rolls on show, with just a thong, sexy shoes and a cup of coffee to protect us from prying, judgmental eyes?

This year marks a shift in process for the calendar. Typically, it features artfully nude supermodels, but this time, Leibovitz chose to focus on simple portraits of women—never mind size, age, or ethnicity (food for thought: see what the very brilliant Arlene Dickinson had to say about that one).

Of course, Amy’s photo is meant to be ironic. It’s not lost on us that since she’s a comedian, she’s meant to be the foil, the only one who failed to get the memo that, ahem, the pages feature clothed models for 2016.

Here at BW, we call this pic brazenly Schumer. Here is a woman who doesn’t give a rat’s ass what other people think. We say more power to any woman who loves and respects herself from every angle. That’s exactly the brand of chutzpah we want in a BFF, after all. But hey, we’re just two members of our brazen community. So we took it to the Insiders and asked the big question: What do you think and more importantly, would you?

Interestingly enough (and perhaps not accurately portrayed in most media coverage?), not all women are onside. And yet, a beautifully respectful, rousing discussion ensued, reason enough why we adore the women we spend our virtual time with. Here’s what they said:

  • I’m not a fan of these celebrities taking their clothes off. I’m not a prude, by any stretch of the imagination. I just don’t think it is necessary. In the case of Ms. Schumer, her talent is what makes her so special – she is genuinely funny. I don’t care if Annie Leibovitz takes the picture or not – this type of photo (albeit really gorgeous) is just not necessary. I want to see women stand on their own talent and professionalism – this kind of gratuitous nude shot smacks of desperation and cheap publicity stunt. It’s not brave when everyone seems to be doing it. ~Patti
  • It’s brazen. She knows she’s going to get flack for this being “a stunt” or “for publicity” or whatever. Showing a non-Barbie body is revolutionary in times such as ours. I think I anyone who shows their body is being brazen. When you know you’re going to catch hell for doing something and do it anyway, that’s a form of “brave” in my books. ~Jackie
  • If it had been a non-celebrity, not only would the picture not have been published, who would have taken it? It’s not brave, it’s Amy Schumer getting more attention for herself.  I would find it more of a revolution if it didn’t involve celebrities who have been regularly photographed (9/10 clothed, yes) throughout their careers. I also don’t feel that Amy Schumer is a good role model for any young girl I care about. If being a foul-mouthed comedienne = empowered, excuse me while I throw myself off that train. ~Victoria
  • I love it and adore her. She is Brazen. Uncompromising. Beautiful. Funny. Clever and fearless. The whole campaign for Perelli is about redefining female beauty. It’s not about being naked it’s about embracing who you are. Selena Williams & Fran Lebowitz are just a few other amazing woman that participated. Let’s raise each other up, not drag each other down. ~Paula
  • I find the woman to be crass and raunchy and degrading to women in general. Not at all empowering. HOWEVER, this photo gets my respect. Good on her, it is beautiful! ~Michelle
  • I love this, I love Amy Schumer, and Annie Leibovitz. I think it’s brazen of her to pose nude, rolls and all! I also think that we are all empowered by allowing each other to be who we are – with our stomach rolls, foul mouth, different priorities, opposing viewpoints and values. ~Sharon
  • I say good for her. Why do we have to attach such meaning to things….why can’t it just BE. At the very core of it, Amy is a woman, just like us. For that reason alone (and you don’t have to love or endorse her) just SUPPORT THE FUCK OUT OF HER!! ~Jane
  • OK, funny story but first the facts. Amy Schumer is 5’7″, weighs 160 lbs and wears a size 6. I am 5’5″ and weigh 170. On Saturday while out for dinner in a group we were chatting w a couple we’d never met before. We said we’d watched Trainwreck with Amy Schumer. The woman (who I found scrawny) said, isn’t she that Really Overweight actress?” And I said, she’s not overweight she’s average size and the woman immediately apologized to me for being insensitive. (Ie in her view she identifies me, like Amy, as being “really overweight”) She continued to apologize digging herself deeper and deeper….I told her I was not offended, that I am happy with who I am and my guy thinks I’m super hot (which I love). So long story short I got “Amy’d” and I’m good with that!!! ~ Cara
  • I think she’s great and has no problem laughing at herself …like Lena Dunham. Hilarious , confident in their own skin women. ~ Corinne
  • What ever the reason, I for one am thrilled the pic is out there. I am the same height and would be thrilled to be that weight! She looks great. Look at those legs! I just wish we all would simply celebrate people for their accomplishments rather than their looks,tits and ass in particular. I’m so sick of the plastics! ~ Donna

    So yeah, what do you think?


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