Here it is. It’s what I call crazy time of year. The holidays are behind us and all at once, everything is revving up—fast. Soon, my days will be so insanely busy, I’ll be teetering on the edge. I’m prepared for the madness, though. Now, with just a click of a button on my smartphone or computer, I can see what level of crazy I am dealing with. Think about it. You shop online, you connect online, you can even park online, so why not heal your mind there as well? And now you can.

A fabulous new app—aptly named Talkspace—is your personal online therapist, right there on your screen. Just download, and it will connect you with a licensed therapist instantly.

WHY TALKSPACE? Talkspace online therapist

Talkspace creators Oren and Roni Frank are on a journey to remove the stigma of mental health and bring it to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Having had a wonderful experience with traditional therapy to save their own marriage, the Franks were inspired to bring therapy to everyone in the most convenient and accessible way possible. Soon, they had amassed a tight network of forward-thinking, dedicated therapists who recognize the potential of leveraging digital communications as a channel for psychotherapy.

Talkspace believes that therapy should be made a natural part of everyone’s lifestyle. The same way that we diet and exercise to better our physical health, we need to do whatever it takes to care for our mental wellbeing.


Having a therapist literally at hand is a seriously comforting feeling. Convenience and comfort in one easy step. All you have to do is download the free iPhone app on the iTunes App Store and you’re on your way to keeping your life in balance—by text.

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The unique feature of Talkspace is text therapy because writing down your feelings is easier and less intrusive than speaking out loud. You feel as though you’re just texting a friend and that releases the stigma of therapy, while giving you a direct line to professional services. Connecting in real time without the need for an appointment and all that extra time (who has that?) to travel to and from a traditional office makes getting advice easy.


  • Once you’re registered, your free consultation with a therapist begins. Be open about how you are doing and what you need.
  • An assessment is completed and you’ll be paired with a licensed practitioner with extensive experience dealing with your specific issue.
  • A private chat room allows you and the therapist to text anytime, whenever the need arises.
  • The cost for unlimited access to a therapist is $25 a week (paid monthly)—which is less than a latte a day! Worth it? You bet.


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