We’re almost hTake the Test: When to Give Up on Your Dreamsalfway through the year—the ideal time to reevaluate whether your New Years’ dreams, goals and vision board are giving you what you hoped for or if they are working another kind of magic—turning life into a nightmare. While the self-help section of your bookshelf may be screaming You Can Do Anything!!, sometimes that’s just not in the cards.

How do you know if it’s time to turf your dream?

Start with giving yourself a good old fashioned dose of reality, says Tracey Cleantis, author of THE NEXT HAPPY: Let Go of the Life You Planned and Find A New Way Forward. Doing so will help you decide if it’s time to dump the dream and revamp your vision—so you can find happiness in the here and now. So before you invest more time, effort or stress, ask yourself these questions. You don’t want to waste another day on dreams that are going nowhere.


1. Is my happiness on layaway? We all have done it at some point: decided to place our happiness on hold. And, yes, delayed gratification is a good skill to have. There was once even a famous experiment done with little kids which proved that not eating the marshmallow you have now in exchange for the promise of more marshmallows later is a good predictor of future success. However, we aren’t talking mere marshmallows; this is your life. If you aren’t letting any happiness in now because you feel sure that the achievement of your dream Take the Test: When to Give Up on Your Dreamswill make you wildly happy, then your life is on layaway and that is in intolerable interest rate with no guarantee of marshmallow returns.

2. Do I believe the only way that I can be happy is if I have this goal? Sometimes we get so gung-ho on a dream that we believe our happiness depends on it. We think, If I don’t get that guy, that job or that achievement then it is totally impossible that I could ever be happy. This is simply not true. The happiness studies show us that we have a happiness “set point” and that even if we won the lottery or suffered paralysis, in time we would return to the previous level of happiness that we had prior to such a life- changing event. What this tells us is that happiness is possible without achievement of that goal.

3. Am I sticking with this dream because I have already invested so much in it that I can’t quit now? If the ONLY reason you are sticking with a goal is because you feel like you have already invested so much time, energy and money in it that to give up now would be imprudent, think again. Can you imagine Allen Greenspan or Ben Bernanke co-signing on that kind of investment? Don’t throw more energy, time and money into what isn’t working and what isn’t giving you some happiness in the now. What good investment in your now can you make that will give you a better rate of return?

4. What friends? What family? What guy? Pursuing goals is great, but it can lead to a life imbalance. If we are so single-mindedly trying to get the raise, the promotion, or whatever it is that we are after, then there may not be time for dates, drinks, and dinner with people who matter to us. It is important to see if our goals, visions and dreams are costing us time with people we love and leaving us lonely.

5. Has my self-esteem disappeared? If our goals aren’t being achieved and we, despite our best efforts, are not able to make that vision a reality, we can start to judge ourselves harshly. We can feel guilt, shame and a whole lot of self-doubt. If we dare to disengage from the dream, we might start name-calling and throwing around words like “lazy”, “loser” and “quitter.” If your dream is bringing out your inner tyrant and name-calling has become the norm, it might be time to call a total time-out on your goals.

6. Is the pursuit of the dream making me blue? Being so focused on a goal that we have not yet achieved can cause anxiety, depression, despair, and other mental health issues. Sometimes when people aren’t able to achieve a goal they turn to shopping, sex, food, and substances as a way to numb the disappointment. If your mental health is being impacted by the pursuit of a goal it is time to get some help from a therapist, psychiatrist or clergy.

7. Am I scared to be called a quitter? Oh honey, the real truth is, people are way too busy thinking about themselves to notice. And by the way, if we stopped to take a poll, I promise that everyone alive has quit something. Quitting is part of life. We try something, we see if we like it, and we move on. We do not have to stick with something forever to be a good person. You are a good person with or without the dream.

Take a look at Tracey’s book,THE NEXT HAPPY: Let Go of the Life You Planned and Find A New Way Forward.
When to Give Up on Your DreamsTracey Cleantis, author of THE NEXT HAPPY: Let Go of the Life You Planned and Find A New Way Forward, holds a master’s degree in marriage and family counselling and has built a national reputation as an expert on healing losses through her popular blog, La Belette Rouge, Freudian Sips on PsychologyToday.com, and her writings for the Huffington Post. Her interviews and advice  have been featured in articles in Psychologies Magazine, Redbook, and on Fox News Boston, among others.

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