There are days, wayyyyy too many days, that require french fries in order to survive. Oh, and wings, too. And all manner of “bad foods” that I know carry the risk of scary consequences, like adult acne and a ballooning ass. Never mind the stinky house it leaves in its wake. And the nightmare of getting splattered by hot oil.

And yet, as informed as I may be, as much as I know I’ll have to sweat it all out afterward, there are just those days when it doesn’t matter. When being a bad girl is so worth it. When I find myself on autopilot—because I know those oily cravings will lead me straight to gluttonous sin, and let’s face it, there’s nothing more delicious than eating what’s forbidden. (Yeah, Adam was onto something. Sigh.)

Then a gift from heaven dropped on my doorstep. It’s called the T-fal Actifry Express. This machine does the impossible: It allows you to fry an entire dish with literally one tablespoon of oil. Of course I was skeptical at first. I mean, how can my favourite treats taste good if they’re not really, really bad for me? And PS. Don’t you need a vat of oil to fry stuff? Apparently not.



T-fal Actifry Express: The No Oil Frying Miracle MachineFirst launched in 2007 as the first low-oil multicooker, Actifry’s patented technology made it possible to eat fried foods without the excess fat and calories. And now it’s been redesigned so it’s bigger and faster and sleeker than ever.

The Actifry Express (which comes in two sizes: 1 and 1.5 kg) made its Canadian debut this fall, and it’s the newest small appliance to live on my kitchen counter. It’s big and it’s fast.

The largest model, the Actifry Express XL, cooks up to 1.5 kg of food at a time—all by itself. Now, it’s even easier to whip up meals that are so flavourful that frankly, they don’t taste healthy, even though they are. Get this: Just one spoonful of oil makes 1 kg of delicious, crispy fries with only 3% fat. A miracle, right?

Plus, this baby cooks food in record time. With no need to reheat, it prepares dishes up to 25% faster than before.


All you do is prepare the foods you want to cook, add the spoonful of oil, drop it all in, and close the lid. There are no confusing temperature settings to stress about. You just set the time on the digital display, and wait for the beep.

What’s happening in there anyway? The new aerodynamic chamber improves air flow and keeps the internal temperature consistent. There’s also a larger turbine that prT-fal Actifry Express: The No Oil Frying Miracle Machineopels 40% more hot air to cook food faster with no need to preheat. You can keep an eye on your dish through the steam free clear lid or open it partway to add ingredients but there’s no mixing required. The built-in paddle turns it all for consistent cooking without your help.


In a nutshell: You can make all the bad-for-you foods you love, without the bad consequences you hate. And bonus: you don’t have to be a great cook do make tasty, healthy dishes fast. Cleanup? Not much. All the parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

And OMG the french fries. And the wings. And the onion rings. And the stir fry. And anything else you make with the enclosed guide, which gives instructions on the how to prepare the most common dishes such as chips, chicken breast, frozen stews, fresh fruit and chopped vegetables. If you want more recipes—and you will—check out the long list on the T-fal website. YUM.


Actifry Express (1 kg capacity): $329.99

Actifry Express XL (1.5 kg capacity): $369.99

Available in Canada at Hudson’s Bay, Canadian Tire, Home Outfitters, Sears and more at

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