Ask anyone when they fall off the healthy eating wagon and they’ll say it’s late in the day—at dreaded snack time. You’re feeling empty, or you’re settling in to watch TV, and that’s when it happens. You grab a cookie, or snatch a chip, and next thing you know—POOF!—the bag is gone, right along with your diet and all that huffing and puffing at spin class.

Now comes the What If. What if there existed an all-natural nutritious chocolatey treat that just may taste better than a Tootsie Roll that you can snack on all day long – guilt-free? What would you do? You’d load up on them, that’s what. They’d be in your purse, in your desk, in your glove compartment. You’d not only crave them but you’d feel good about chewing something sweet for once. Dr. Joey Shulman SkinnychewsEnter Dr. Joey’s Skinnychews.


We’re guessing you’ve seen the white, pink and blue package by now, because they’re pretty much everywhere. Created by bestselling author and health expert Dr. Joey Shulman, and promoted through a partnership with Arlene Dickinson, Skinnychews are a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth.

This is the best kind of sweet. Each individually wrapped chew is only 20 calories of long-lasting chocolatey heaven that’s naturally sweetened with brown rice syrup and evaporated cane juice (yum!) to give you that hit of sugar you crave. Even better, these gluten-free treats are actually good for you. That’s because Skinnychews contain inulin, a soluble fibre made from chicory roots that has been shown to help satiate, stabilize blood sugars and help with digestion. Fibre never tasted this good.

To get the most out of Skinnychews (Dr. Joey recommends 2-3 per day), save yours until late in the day when the snack craving hits. We love ours with a warm cup of green tea.

Oh, and to make that dark chocolate flavour last, just freeze your bag until you’re good and ready for it.

Dr. Joey’s Skinnychews come in packages of 30 for $16.99. Find Dr. Joey’s Skinnychews at retail stores across Canada: GNC, Whole Foods, select Loblaws, Longos, McEwan, Pusateri’s, Shulman Weight Loss Clinic, and a number of local health food stores. To find a retailer, purchase chews online or to learn more, visit Have questions? Connect with Dr. Joey on Twitter or Instagram 


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