Ready to get out there are score some deals? As fantastic as it feels to score Boxing Day bargains, shopping can hurt if you don’t take care of yourself along the way. I should know. Besides being a chiropractor who clearly knows better, I’ve been known to tote around armloads of sale goodies, only to end up flat on my back, holding a heating pad on my exhausted shoulders.

Are you all set to brave the malls for your Boxing Day shopping bonanza? Before you do, read on for some advice on how to keep yourself feeling fabulous while you scoop up those amazing finds.

How to Survive the Boxing Day Sales


Fast and Furious: How to Survive the Boxing Day SalesGo early to find a spot near a central entrance. Another option is to park near whichever store you’ll be buying the most and largest items from (think wardrobe, TV, boots, large toys). That way, you won’t have to lug them around all day. Instead, after you’ve got your heaviest purchases in hand (which you’ll be smart enough to buy at the end of your mall run), you’ll have just a short walk to your car.

And here’s an idea: If you park in a central location, you can pop over to the car now and then to drop off shopping bags throughout the day, and save your arms from unnecessary strain.


Your feet are your most valuable asset on any mall day, so choosing which shoes they’ll be racing around in all day is key. Bottom line: Go for comfort above all. If you’ll be trekking out in a winter storm, never fear. Just bring your flats in your purse.

Be prepared to visit the shopping mall concierge upon arrival, or pay lockers, to store your coat and boots there. The less your carry on your body, the better, and your feet and back will thank you.


Running around all day is sure to make you thirsty. While most days, it’s easy to just grab a drink at any coffee shop, the malls are packed on Boxing Day, and you may wait 30 minutes in a line. That bottled water or juice box you slipped into your purse will come in handy.


Expect the endless lines and crowds to tire you out and make you stressed. To recharge during the day, take some time between stores to sit and catch your breath before heading into the next mob.  Many malls now have great massage chairs that you can use for a small fee. Or you can just find an empty spot, sit, and stretch your muscles. Just a few simple exercises, such as moving your wrists and ankles in small circles or stretching your neck and shoulders will make a huge difference.

Fast and Furious: How to Survive the Boxing Day Sales

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You should always bring a large bag with you, big enough to store smaller store bags you’ll collect. Some stores also sell giant latch hooks, designed to hold multiple bags and distribute the weight of the bags more evenly in your hand. Even better, if you have a shopping cart on wheels or an empty stroller, bring it along.

When stuck in line, keep heavy bags on the floor, and push them along with your feet. If you’re carrying them, remember to distribute their weight evenly at your sides to avoid carrying a load on one shoulder.


Once you escape the mall, go home and give yourself a pat on the back for a shopping job well done. That means spending the evening soaking in an epsom salt bath to reduce any potential swelling in your muscle tissues. It’s also a good idea to use a heating pad on your lower back, just in case. And now for the best tip of all: Don’t forget to call in that massage. Your partner owes you for not dragging him along to the mall.


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I am a Chiropractor working and living in the Richmond Hill area. I have been in practice for over 15 years, with a special interest in female and family care. I am a huge bookworm, love baking, do cross-stitch in my spare time, play Maj with a group of like-minded women 35+, and have just started to actually enjoy working out :)

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