With everything going on in your life, it can take everything you’ve got to get to your workout. Hurray! You made it and you’re laced up and set to sweat. Now you need just the right inspiration, and if you’re like us, it doesn’t always come from within. We can all use a little boost to spur us on and get us pumped. And we’ve got just the ticket: some rocking tunes that will get both your muscles and your inner rocker all revved up. Mixing a list of pop, rock, and even disco, here’s the playlist that just might inspire the workout of your life.

So crank up the volume, pop in your earphones, and get ready to move. Download from iTunes or the easy-to-use Flvto Youtube Downloader for Mac.


If you’ve seen the much-hyped film, The Interview, you may have had your association with the pop singer’s inspirational tune irrevocably altered. But what Perry’s song does best is share an undeniable level of positivity, readying you to tackle your workout with all the enthusiasm you’ve got.

  • Pat Benatar: Hit Me With Your Best Shot 

Cardio? Tiring. Lunges? Ouch. The trendiest, hot-yoga-ballet-barre monstrosity? You may love it—on occasion—but any way you slice it, working out isn’t always fun. Even if you’re an exercise junkie, there are times you feel like you can’t conquer a thing, never mind a 40-pound bar. Enter Benatar’s powerful classic. No matter how rough your day, it makes you feel like you can take anything the world throws at you, and more.

If you aren’t familiar with this British songstress, prepare yourself. Her unassuming voice, acerbic wit, and brazen point of view will make you a devotee in no time. The Fear‘s lyrics are darker than the bubblegum-pop verve of the music, but this song will get you moving. Proceed with caution, though: The lyrics aren’t exactly PG.

Whether you love the song and Jett’s confidence when she sings it, or you were a huge Freaks and Geeks fan, this quick, brash tune is great for cardio and strength training alike. Just try to restrain yourself from starting a punk rock mosh pit of one, right there in the gym.

While you may be familiar with Sia’s recent hits, Chandelier and Elastic Heart, the eccentric singer/songwriter has been in the business for years, writing music for herself and others. This song has an upbeat tune and infectious chorus that will get you singing along, despite yourself.

A deliciously 80s track about moving on at the end of a relationship, Goodbye to You will make you feel the power. If you can’t get to the gym, this tune is a great choice to get you dancing-around-the-house.

The most recent track on this list combines the stylings of DJ Alesso with the vocals of up-and-comer Tove Lo. The result is a mix of crystal clear vocals over a buoyant electronic score. It is a bit clubby, but it will definitely give you the drive to tackle that last quarter of your workout.   Summer Playlist: 10 Tracks to Get Your Workout Pumping

Houston’s 1987 song is a classic, and for good reason. The powerhouse voice, the irresistible synth-sounds, and the relentlessly fun chorus make this a fantastic track almost every occasion—including your workout.

  • No Doubt: Just a Girl

Whether it’s the lyrics or the fast-paced pop-rock sound that helps stoke the fire that gets you through the last chunk of your workout, Just a Girl is a great addition to your playlist. Trivia bit: In the video version, you may marvel at the fact that Gwen Stefani somehow looks younger now than she did in 2003.

  • Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive

Whether it’s your workout, a breakup, or a rough day at the office, sometimes it helps to remember that you will survive. This disco tune is great for those last minutes of exercise when you’re pretty sure you’re running out of juice. Make this one your personal mantra.

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