If your closet looks anything like mine, you’ll find way too much of the same in there: blacks and whites and more blacks and more whites. These basics may be crisp and clean, and they may pair with anything, but I’m not sure exactly how. The problem is my blacks and whites have become my go-to colours all on their own – even in this warm, bright season. They’re safe choices, yes, but sadly, they’re making me look just a little bit boring.

Now that the sun is high, it’s high time to inject a little – make that A LOT of – colour into your wardrobe. That’s right. Here we go, stepping out of the dark and straight into the light.

So which colours are trending this summer?  You ready? They are three hot ones: Cobalt Blue, Fuchsia Pink and Bright Orange.

Scared? Don’t be! We teamed up with fashion expert and Bayview Village Marketing Director Melissa Evans-Lee to get the scoop on this year’s summer colours and how to wear them. As it turns out, it’s simple to add a splash – in vivid prints and structured pieces – to your everyday wardrobe.

Here are her how-to-wear tips for the best and brightest colours this side of the sun.

HOW TO WEAR Fuchsia Pink!

Vibrant fuchsia pink loves to be the centre of attention so if you’re going to opt for this hot hue, make sure it’s the main attraction – a fabulous dress or blouse, say.  You can also wear it in the form of a statement piece like stiletto shoes or a lively handbag. No matter which route you go, get ready for all eyes to be on you. We pinky swear!

HOW TO WEAR Bright Orange!

Like our friend fuchsia, bright orange does not like to go unnoticed. And why should it? This juicy colour pairs very well with whites, tans and the on trend hue, cobalt blue.  It’s also very attracted to anything gold. Just like we are.

HOW TO WEAR Cobalt Blue!

Talk about showing off your sparkly personality. This amazing colour goes with almost anything and will pair perfectly with what’s already in your closet, black or white. It’s an electric hue that will add just the right amount of zing to any ensemble.

Need some help choosing your new colourful wardrobe? Get set for Bayview Village Stylist Melissa’s picks of the season to help you colour your way to fabulous! (And if you’re lucky, you may even find some of these babies on sale.)

Happy Shopping!

1.       Longchamp bag, ANDREWS – $625
2.       3.1 Phillip Lim bag, TNT – $795
3.       Ash sparkly sneaker, TNT – $265
4.       Rag & Bone white sandal, TNT – $395
5.       Bucket Feet orange sneaker, CAPEZIO – $85
6.       White blouse, PINK TARTAN – $295
7.       Mara Hoffman dress, ANDREWS – $350
8.       Jealous Tomato shorts, MENDOCINO – $68
9.       Jealous Tomato crop top, MENDOCINO – $58
10.    White vest, SARAH PACINI – $375
11.     Beulah Style dress, LEMOR – $215
12.     Hyper cut-out dress, MENDOCINO – $85
13.     A.L.C. tank, TNT – $430
14.     A.L.C. shorts, TNT – $335
15.     Hyper blue/floral skirt, MENDOCINO – $88
16.     Lulu Mari Blouse, HONEY – $90
17.     Isabel Marant fuchsia shirt, TNT – $525
All items available at Bayview Village in Toronto, or at a retailer near you. 


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Debbie is a happily married, suburban mother of 2 boys. She has spent the past 15 years in the food industry and over the last 2 years has grown a love for writing and blogging about her life experiences as a mom. While not working as a hiring consultant and juggling her busy household that includes two young boys, she can be found tweeting @debbiedavidov and on her blog and facebook page, Me, Myself and Kids. She is a lover of chocolate, wine, fashion and reality television...not necessarily in that order.

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