Earlier this year, the movie industry seemed to go all girly. With the addition of strong female leads, female-centric ensembles and females at the movies’ helm, women flocked to watch movies that were typically in the man zone. In case you haven’t heard, the movie industry has officially entered fementertainment—a new phase that widens the appeal-to-female sphere beyond tear jerkers and romantic comedies to include films such as Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road (ya, we didn’t see that one coming either). Since this trend is not letting up any time soon, we are dancing all the way to the theatres this summer.

Here are our Top 5 Summer 2015 Movie Picks

MAGIC MIKE: Coming July 1

Do we even care what the plot is for this movie? Nope! Abs, abs and more abs. That’s all we need to know. Grab your girlfriends and splurge on a theatre that serves your favourite grownup beverage for the full effect of XXL. This one is so hard, um, to resist.

TRAINWRECK: Coming July 17

Comedy’s newest It Girl, Amy Schumer, stars as a woman who believes that monogamy is dead. A modern chick who does what she wants, she has a challenge ahead when she falls for the subject of her latest magazine article and begins to question what she has believed her whole life.

DARK PLACES: Coming August 7

As a child, Libby witnesses the murder of her family and becomes famous when testifying that her teen brother did the deed. Twenty five years later, she is forced to admit that her testimony may have been wrong and the killer may still be out there looking for her.

RICKI AND THE FLASH: Coming August 7

What happens when you give up everything, including your family, to follow your dream? Meryl Streep stars as a mother who tries to set things right with her adult children after she left them to pursue the life of a rock star. Her real life daughter, Mamie Gummer, and real life rock star, Rick Springfield, also star.

REGRESSION: Coming August 28

Flashback to the 80s and 90s where  the news was filled with stories of unspeakable acts supposedly committed by Satanic cults. A young girl accuses her father of such crimes and he cops to it—even though he doesn’t remember a thing. Were her memories accurate, were they suggested or is there something evil at work?

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