The sales are on, and if you’re anything like us, you’re out there scouring the store racks, desperately seeking clothes you’ll actually wear, ones that won’t end up in the Crap, what was I thinking? pile. Time for a style reboot. Whether you’ve just headed back to work after a hiatus at home, switched careers, gained or lost weight, or gone through a divorce or other life transition, hear this: You are not doomed to a life ruined by poorly fitting clothes, black yoga pants and mom jeans. At least not while Lazina McKenzie is around to address your common fit issues.

Style Ivy- Quick Fixes to the 3 Most Common Fit Issues

Her Style Foundations by Style Ivy program will help you create your own personal style, fast. It’s the first ever self-paced, interactive e-course that gives a woman the tools she needs to give herself a wardrobe and personal presentation makeover—and you can still sign up for yours until January 16, 2015.

In the meantime, there are some common fit issues that women everywhere face, that Lazina has quick fixes for. Bookmark these.


As a style expert, I’ve heard it all when it comes to style and fit and how crazy it can make you. My clients range from the average woman to the non-average woman. They are big-chested, short, long-legged, big hipped, tall, muscular, flat chested, lean and everything else that all of us are. All of these physical features, and more, are beautiful. Every single one of them. When I ask women which physical features they love about themselves, their list is usually very short. But then when I ask which physical features they find challenging to dress, the list is a mile long. We are so hard on ourselves. I don’t see what you see, though.

  • I don’t see your rolls
  • I don’t see the cellulite that you have
  • I don’t care about how light, dark, red or yellow your skin tone is
  • I don’t notice that you have grey hair

Instead, I see you. All of you. Very quickly, I see how to best dress your frame so that you are highlighted, not hidden. By far, the number one concern women have is that their clothes aren’t “made for them” and indeed that’s a big style challenge. But what, specifically, are the three top style issues that women face?

1. If pants fit my thighs, they are too big at the waist.

Finding the right pair of pants can be challenging. When you finally find a pair that fit your legs, they are invariably too big in the waist. How frustrating. There’s an easy solution. Take these pants to a tailor. Yes, these pants should, first and foremost, fit the widest part of your thighs, hips and bum. Yes, that might mean the waistline is big.

QUICK FIX: Just have the waist nipped in. It’s an easy fix really.

Brazen Test Team Opportunity: Style Foundations By Style Ivy2. I don’t feel comfortable tucking anything in.

If tucking in a blouse or top makes you feel self-conscious, don’t do it. Just don’t be sloppy about it. Make sure that your blouse is fitted to your frame and not too boxy or “tent-ish”. A blouse should skim your torso without clinging to you. Also, the hemline of the top should be at or near your hip. Any longer and it’ll look sloppy—especially in a work environment. A rounded hem is much more feminine and nicely follows a woman’s curves.

QUICK FIX: By fitted blouses that sit near the hip, preferably with a rounded hem.

3. I always feel like I have to pull up the shoulders on dresses and tops.

If you can grab the shoulders of a blouse, jacket or dress and pull up a lot, then you have way too much room. You might just want to tailor that outfit, but doing so gets pricey. Before going that route, you may simply need to consider petite sizing—even if you’re not petite. Why? It may be that you have a short torso. You could be taller than petite sizing (usually 5’4” and under) but just have a small torso and that’s why the top half of your body always seems to be swimming in clothes.

QUICK FIX: Petite sizing to the rescue. 

Lazina Mckenzie is the founder of Style Ivy, an online platform that helps you learn more about yourself! The first e-course on this platform is Style Foundations- a self-paced, 10-lesson course on your very own personal style. Ready for your style reboot? Registration for the current e-course is open until January 16, 2015.

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