I’m still trying to figure this one out: Strong is the New Skinny. This saying is right up there with 40 is the new 30. After just turning 40, I can say with certainty that 40 is the new 40. I’ve done 30 already. Don’t need to do that again. And yet, on many social media posts, the phrase keeps popping up.

Well, I’m here to tell you different. I say Strong is Strong, Skinny is Skinny. So let’s change the language right now. Here’s a fact: Strong is the new FIT.

So many of my clients have the same goal: I want to look good naked. Well, that works for me. Do you feel you look good naked when you’re skinny with baggy jeans hanging off your butt? Probably not. So how do you achieve that I-look-good-naked-and-strong-and-fit look? The good news is, you can get there in 5 simple steps.

Why Strong Is The New Fit

Examine Your Goals

What are they and are they achievable? Keep in mind that all goals are achievable. They just need a realistic time frame. Write down your goals, keeping in mind your diet and your fitness program as means to achieve them.

Challenge Yourself

You need a fitness program that challenges you, pushes you, excites you. It’s your soulmate workout. The workout that you just get and it gets you. In the gym, that means choosing classes that you not only enjoy but that bring out the best in you. You know you’re there when you can’t wait for the class to end but when it does, you feel like you have conquered the world and can take on anything.

Find Accountability

You need another soulmate – someone who will keep you pushing you to do your best, no matter what. This person can be your spouse, partner, BFF, or it can be just you – putting out the word that you have a goal and you’re going to achieve it. Just vocalizing your commitment to working out, you make yourself accountable for your fitness. Try posting your goals on Facebook or texting about your commitment to a friend.

Track Your Progress

If you track your progress, you will see it. That’s why before pictures are a MUST. And don’t forget to take your measurements. You may not want to do it when you start the program or your journey but when you’re finished, you will wish you had.

Be Proud

Being fit means being proud of your accomplishments. It may be tough to reach your goals, but nothing worth working for is easy. Connect with likeminded people and celebrate your achievements. Follow fitness blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram and Pinterest accounts that allow you to feel good about your level of strength. They will inspire you to keep feeling proud and to stay strong and fit.

About the author

Matthew Taub

Matthew Taub is a P90X Master Trainer, International Fitness Presenter, Insanity, TRX, Turbo Kick, PiYo and Spin certified, and Personal Trainer located in Toronto, Ontario. Working with his wife, Felicia Taub, another Master Trainer with Insanity, Turbo Kick, PiYo and Hip Hop Hustle, together they work to help couples and individuals change their lives with a base of fitness. Their framework is based on Banging out a Better Balanced Life.

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