We get it, we get it. No matter how much water we drink, it’s not enough. Bottom line: We need to stay The Newest (and Sexiest) Way to Get Hydratedhydrated for optimum health. That means training our bodies. First thing we do when we wake up? Down a big glass of water. And then, keep on hydrating all day long.

It sounds easier than it is. Sometimes water from the tap tastes icky. And who wants to keep buying those plastic bottles or changing the water cooler filter? What a pain. Still, we need our water. Desperately. Why?

Our bodies are mostly made up of the stuff. So when we don’t get enough, we become like a human desert: our skin gets visibly dry, and those dreaded wrinkles appear. Plus, we don’t get our beauty sleep. The Newest (and Sexiest) Way to Get Hydrated

Fact: The World Health Organization says that we should drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. Which is a lot (of exercise, running to the bathroom).

It’s hard to imagine drinking so much H2O without busting our bladder. And is tap water safe? Why does it sometimes taste funny? Should we drink only bottled?

We’ve got the solution to your water woes right here. It’s in the form of the sexiest appliance around, the Strauss WaterBar. This hot new water drinking accessory provides a convenient, stylish and environmentally friendly (Hello, upcoming Earth Day!) alternative to bottled, filtered, and tap water. And it’s awesome.

So what is a WaterBar and how does it differ from a water cooler or a fridge accessory? Sexy Hydration: Strauss Water Bar T7 in GreenUnlike water coolers (and obviously bottled water), Strauss WaterBars hook up to your water line. These cool units come in an array of vibrant colours and are installed by Strauss technicians in a location that’s convenient, whether it’s in your home or office. Super good looking and about the size of a single-serve coffee maker, WaterBars serve up cold and hot water at the touch of a button. All day, every day, no lugging, pouring, monthly filter changes (when was the last time you remembered to change the filter on your fancy fridge?), or regularly scheduled deliveries involved. Once they’re in place, the only maintenance is a bi-annual filter change. And to make that last one easy, Strauss sends it to you just in time.

So what’s the big deal? WaterBars use a triple water filtration and purification process which kills 99.9% of micro-organisms and bacteria (Bacteria? My city has great water, you say. But did you know that your tap water can be as clean as the city can make it but can pick up yucky stuff as it moves through the aging water infrastructures?)  The filtration also absorbs the chlorine that can cause that weird taste in your drinks. The process uses an activated carbon filter, a micro-mesh filter, and an ultra violet light. Combined, these three deliver safe, great tasting water while maintaining essential mineral elements including calcium and magnesium.

All science aside, Strauss WaterBars are a fun and exciting way to give your hot bod what it needs to keep you going all the day long without the environmental impact of plastic bottles or the need to do a lot of maintenance. And that’s the reason to get one. The Deets: 

  • Available in two models (T6 and T7) and a wide variety of colours to suit your decor. Change your shade by whim or season by easily exchanging the faceplate
  • Make cold or hot drinks including instant boiling hot water. Set cup size and temperature to your preference
  • WaterBars are available to rent monthly or to own. Price includes a lifetime warranty and replacement filters shipped when you need them
  • Fits just about anywhere
  • All-inclusive program: Strauss delivers, installs and programs the unit and ships filters and UV lamps automatically according to a set schedule
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly: uses less energy than a kettle and no plastic or bottles

The Price: Affording continuous savings over bottled water or water coolers, Strauss WaterBars are available for purchase or on monthly rental. T6: $1199 to purchase or $34.95/month to rent T7: $1399 to purchase or $39.95/month to rent

About Strauss Water Canada Their goal is to change the way people think, drink and live with water. Strauss WaterBars, along with a revolutionary customer care approach, will do just that. For more info, visit Strausswater.ca or call 855.5.h2o.365. Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Strauss Water Canada. Although we were compensated for sharing this information, all opinions are our own. 

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