Hey you! I saw that. You just ripped that grey sucker from its roots the second it appeared, and you thought no one noticed. Well, I’m not surprised. Personally, I call my hair salon my second home. We all have our beauty must-haves. What’s yours? Gel tips? Weekly facial? Mine is making sure my hair feels fabulously dyed and blown. I walk into the salon feeling like a rag doll and emerge a Breck girl, shiny locks a-flowing. Hell, my mother hasn’t even let her hair go grey, so I’m pretty sure that’s a club I won’t be joining anytime soon.

BUT I must admit to feeling damn impressed by women who have the confidence, and the style, to pull off letting their hair go grey—and I do wonder how that must feel.

Why I'm growing out my grey hairFor most of us, that first sighting of that first grey hair is pretty scary. You see one singular white strand (or is that silver?) standing up strong, defiant from the rest, and it’s like a shock to the system. Oh, and a striped scalp is the worst. That’s when you’re too busy to get around to colouring your hair and all of a sudden, you realize you’ve got a finger-width of grey at the crown.

Well, guess what? Not every woman is so black and white. Not every woman is spending her time chillin’ in the hair salon (or trying home colour to save a few bucks and then splattering the bathroom walls with dye. Yep, that happened). It turns out that many of our Brazen Insiders are more brazen—and more brazenly beautiful in grey—than we could have imagined.

Now, what about you? Are you addicted to colouring your hair? Or would you consider letting your Grey Flag Fly? We asked, you answered—in our Facebook group, the Brazen Insiders. So? You going grey anytime soon?

How many of you are growing out your grey? Lots.

Here are stories from three brazen women who have chosen to let the Grey Flag Fly—and are loving their new look.

Why I’m Growing Out My Grey and Why I’m Loving it

Most of all, women who grow out their grey describe it as a “freeing” experience

Over 40: Why I'm Going Grey and Why I Love it

Kathy after she finally grew out all the grey

KATHY: In May of 2017, I was hospitalized for a week and a half and sent to an acute care facility for another month. I was already behind on my root touch ups before I got sick and by the time I was released, my very silver roots were almost an inch long. I knew I had another surgery looming and I had too much rehabilitation ahead of me to focus on hair care.

So I went to the hairdresser and had them cut it super short to cut most of the colour off. At first, I was left with some rad looking red tips. As it grew out, I cut the last of the colour out and have left natural. It’s quite freeing knowing that I don’t have to worry about the ever-growing roots ever again!
PATTI: I gave up colouring my hair about three years ago. I got so fed up with getting it coloured and a week later, there they were again: ROOTS!! My hair grows really fast, and I kid you not, roots would be showing within a few days.

Over 40: Why I'm Going Grey and Why I'm Loving itFirst, I had my stylist cut my hair just enough to get rid of the colour. The oohs and ahhhs from everyone in the salon were very encouraging.

My husband, however, HATED it. He made sure everyone knew he hated it, too. I just clapped back that even with my grey hair, I still had more hair than he had.

I have to admit I put a few highlights in my hair for my daughter’s wedding so the colour wouldn’t look “flat” in the pictures. But since I’ve gone with my full natural colour, my hair is healthier, shinier and silkier than it has been in years.

So many people comment that I’m brave to go grey. No. Brave is having your head shaved for brain surgery, which I have had and don’t recommend for a quick haircut! People also can’t believe that this is my natural colour. It’s grey with shots of blond and light brown. Who knew?

It’s so freeing. I’m 60. I’m not afraid of the aging process because too many people I’ve known haven’t been given that gift. And yes, my husband STILL hates it!

Letting Grey Hair Grow Out

DANIELLE: My 44 yr old baby brother died very suddenly on Christmas Day in 2014 and I ended up with his two kids and a messy estate. I decided last October, on his birthday, that I wouldn’t cover my grey hair any longer. Instead, I decided that from here on out, I would wear each grey strand as a badge of honour because the truth is, I have earned every damn one.


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