Sure, you’ve got your makeup routine just like the rest of us. Foundation, powder, concealer, blush, bronzer, mascara, gloss, mwah. Well, not quite. Why is it when you get your makeup professionally done, you look like a different person? There’s a clear difference and it’s often in the subtleties. Highlighting? Contouring? Huh? Makeup Highlighting and ContouringYep, there are actually tricks of the makeup trade that you’ve been kept in the dark about for too long. No more. These tips from beauty expert Dino Dilio will take you through each and every highlighting and contouring step—all in the name of making your best features stand out.


WHAT YOU’LL NEED You can’t accomplish a professionally made up look without the right professional makeup tools. Here are all the supplies you’ll need:

  • Quo bronzing powder (two or three shades deeper than your complexion)
  • Quo highlighting powder / illuminating powder (two or three shades lighter than your face)
  • Quo angle contour brush 
  • Quo blush brush for highlight

All Quo Products are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. 


How to contour

Quo Angled Contour Brush

1. Load contour brush with bronzer, tap off excess and apply along the hairline from temple to temple. The lower edge of this band of colour fades out to create a halo effect. Repeat for a stronger look.

2. Reload brush and apply under cheekbones beginning from the center of the ear. Fade out as you reach the outside edge of the eye. The bottom edge is the strongest and the top edge fades over the top of the cheekbone.

3. Load brush again to contour the jawline. Begin on the underside of the chin, brushing the colour forward all along the jaw line to create the same halo effect accomplished on the forehead. Blend underside of jaw from ear to ear.  


1. Load blush brush with highlighting powder. Place brush in center of forehead. Imagine a circle of light here; carefully blend the perimeter outwards from the center and into the surrounding skin. Do the same on the front of the chin.

2. With same brush, apply highlighter under the outer brow bone and over top of the cheekbone to form a crescent. Blend lower edge of highlighter to merge with edge of contour.

3. Use the Quo all over shadow brush to highlight the very top of your nose. This strip of light should be narrow as not to cause the nose to look wider than it is.

4. Use your fingers to sheer out any overload of shimmer. This turns it into a more subtle sheen.

Finishing Tip: Use your regular face powder for seamless blending.

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