Remember when you were dreading spring because it meant the beginning of the end for your favourite TV shows? Thankfully, we no longer live in those dark ages of television. Nowadays, we’ve got everything to look forward to come spring thaw. And you can bet we’ll be counting down the nights until the TV shows we’ve been missing all winter long are back. In addition to tuning back in to the lives of the characters we’ve come to know and love, we’ve got burning questions about what will happen this season. Got a favourite show you can hardly wait for? Here are our top returning TV picks. Our lives just haven’t been the same since they took a vacay.

MR. SELFRIDGE: Returns March 29 This true-to-life show is mrselfridgepbsbased on the real life American founder of the famous Selfridge’s department store in London. After much death, loss and upheaval in Season 2,  Season 3 returns during the end of World War I in 1919. Harry’s beloved wife is dead but he’s looking forward to the happy event of his daughter’s wedding.

BURNING QUESTION: Will Harry’s demons return in while his life unravels?

CALL THE MIDWIFE: Returns March 29 This one follows the lives of a group of midwives in London during the 1950s. Post World War II period drama. Expl

Call The Midwifeores feminism in the post war pre pill era. Social commentary on everything from the heartache of still born babies, prostitution, STD’s, forced adoption put upon single moms, abuse, poverty and “cures” for “illegal” homosexuality. Makes us happy we live in 2015. Gut wrenching, soul stirring emotional roller coaster. Reminder that women did not have a voice not that long ago.

BURNING QUESTION: What controversy will the series tackle as they enter the 1960s?

OUTLANDER: Returns April 4 It’s been nearly 6 months since the firsoutlanderstarzt 8 episodes aired but the frenzy around this time bending love story has not waned. Jamie and Claire. Claire and Frank. Kilts, muskets and swords.And who could forget Frank’s evil doppelganger Black Jack Randal. If you have not yet read the popular book, brace yourself. The next 8 episodes will leave you shaken to the core.

BURNING QUESTION: Who will Claire have her happily ever after with?

MAD MEN: Returns April 5 When we left our favourite handsome rogue, Don Draper, he was just starting to deal with his crumbled life. First, there’madmenFrankOckenfelsAMCs the matter of his surprising demotion, slapped on him in an effort to force the most creative of the lot out of the Sterling Cooper partner group. Plus, now that we know his marriage is over, we’re dying to know who will be next to share his bed.

BURNING QUESTION: What is Don Draper’s next move?

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?: Returns April 10 This half hour of improWhose-Linevisational, side splitting comedy is welcome breathe of fresh air after we spend hours crying into our pillows over season and series finales. Host Aisha Tyler guides regulars Colin Mochrie, Ryan Styles and Wayne Brady through a series of skits where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.

QUESTION: Which famous guest stars will have us rolling on the floor with laughter?

GAME OF THRONES: Returns April 12 The fight for the throne is finally continually. Where were we? Oh yes. Tyrion is on the run after being convicted of killing evil King Joffery. Cersei has finally gained control as Queen Regent yet her kingdom isgameofthrones in chaos. The White Walkers army continues to grow as they march toward The Wall where the The Watch have been left without a commander. Nearly all of the Seven Kingdoms are in an upheaval. And then, there are the Dragons…

BURNING QUESTION: Which major character will die next?

NURSE JACKIE: Returns April 12 At the end of last season, perpetual liar, schemer and pill popping addict, Jackie, found herself under arrest. The series final snursejackie0eason will explore how Jackie copes with returning to work while trying to regain the trust of her family and coworkers.

BURNING QUESTION: Can Jackie redeem herself?

VEEP: Returns April 12 The Veep has become the president! Her swearing in did not go well (squeaky shoes? Misspoken names that nearly started a Veepwar??). Yet Selina is right where she has always wanted to be – in the most powerful office in the world. And it is all hers.

BURNING QUESTION: What missteps will threaten Selina’s presidency?

ORPHAN BLACK: Returns April 18 Conspiracies. Double crosses. Assassinations. Clones. Clones pretending to be other clones. And now male clones! It’orphanblackls all very mind blowing as Tatiana Maslany plays multiple, and very different, doppelgangers who are trying to avoid a plot to kill them all.

BURNING QUESTION: How many clones can there be?

PENNY DREADFUL: Returns May 3 Set in Victorian London, be prepared to have your psyche terrified with this supernatural drama. The series is a depennydreadfulshowtimecent into madness – in the best way possible. As revealed at San Diego Comic Con last summer, all things gothic and dark will continue to be weaved into the continuing exploration of the origins of Dracula. So many loose ends are left to tie up after the all too brief first season!

BURNING QUESTION: Will we ever find out who committed those horrific murders in the pilot episode?

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