Oh yes, hibernation is done and we can breathe again. Time to celebrate by shedding our coats, shopping for airy spring fashion, and heading straight to the movies! Don’t wait for summer blockbusters only to find there’s nothing that grabs you. Right now, Hollywood is releasing a fresh crop of movies that will soon have us kicking up our new spring flats all the way to the theatre. What’s in store in film this spring? Here you are: the 9 movies we’re waiting to see. Spring 2015: 9 Must-See Movies You Won't Want to Miss


An assassin discovers he is not the only one out for a kill. Nothing in this movie is what it seems. Expect some Tarantino-esque story telling inside an Australian dark comedy. Not for the faint of heart. In theaters April 10, 2015.


Agent Leo Demidov (played by Tom Hardy) must investigate a series of gruesome child murders during the time of Stalin’s Soviet Union. Paranoia and secret police were commonplace along with the “there is no crime” philosophy of the day and you’ll find plenty of it here.

In theaters April 17, 2015.



Forever young Adaline (played by Blake Lively) is a woman who has stayed 29 years old for the past 80 years. Only one person knows her secret, her elderly daughter. When Adaline allows herself to finally find romance after all the years, her secret is at risk of being discovered.

In theaters April 27, 2015.


After he makes a promise to his dying wife, a father travels to Turkey in search of his sons at the end of the Battle of Gallipoli during World War I. There, he discovers two are dead while the third may be being held as a prisoner of war. Russell Crowe pulls double duty as the grief stricken father and as a first time director in this cross-cultural drama that’ll make you shiver.

In theaters April 24, 2015


A 7-year-old boy is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War I and bring his father home. Don’t forget to stuff tissues into your purse. This is a heart wrenching and heart warming tale of a son’s love for his father. In theaters April 24, 2015



Embrace your inner superhero geek for the second installment of Marvel’s The Avengers franchise. With sexiest man alive Chris Hemsworth as Thor and BrazenWoman favourite Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, you may find it hard to follow the plot: taking on a self-aware robot bent on destroying the human race. Rumour has it, fangirl favourite Tom Hiddleston may also be making an appearance as the bad guy we love, Loki, setting up the next Thor movie coming in 2017. In theaters May 1, 2015.


They’re back, Pitches! Our favourite a cappella group gets kicked out of the collegiate circuit after a very revealing misstep. They take on the world in an international competition to redeem themselves—all with hilarious results. In theaters May 15, 2015.


Melissa McCarthy once again makes us giggle as a plain Jane desk jockey at the CIA. She is called upon to go undercover in the field when the identities of the other super spies is compromised. Can she prevent a global crisis? In theaters June 5, 2015.


Bradley Cooper’s life in paradise is about to get a lot more complicated. He plays a defense contractor who reconnects with a former flame (played by Rachel McAdmas) while also falling for an air force liaison with boundless energy (played by Emma Stone). This Cameron Crowe comedy also features other all-star cast members Bill Murray, John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin. In theaters May 29, 2015.

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