Welcome to December, that time of year when it’s all rushing and revelry. We feel like we need to be in a million places at once, and so does our best holiday friend: our credit card. Yep, our American Express AIR MILES Credit Card is doing double—make that triple—duty these days. From gifts to gas, food to fun, we’re whipping out that silver piece of plastic (and it’s bestie, our Gold AIR MILES Collector Card) more often than our lipgloss.

The upside? Oh so many glorious AIR MILES. And you know what that means. You can bet Bob Marley does: It’s Redemption Time! Oh yes. We’ve been working long and hard at racking up our AIR MILES and those bonus miles, too. Now comes our reward. Here at Brazen Woman, we are experts at collecting miles and spending them on stuff we love (click here for some tips on miles collection!). Not only have we been using our Amex to make every day purchases but we’ve also been doubling up with our AIR MILES Collector card at participating Sponsors, in addition to our serious online holiday shopping at airmilesshops.ca.


Now, what to do with all our beloved AIR MILES? Do we redeem for something personal? Or use all those points on someone else? Here’s a solution that will make everyone happy. With AIR MILES Cash eVouchers, it’s easy to do both—fast. There’s no delayed gratification here. With just a few clicks of your mouse, there it is: An eVoucher in an email inbox. Along with smiles everywhere.

We should know. Just last week we checked our miles balance and we realized that we have a ton of miles saved up. Note: This was not due to overspending, we’ll have you know, but because we are particularly strategic at collection. Everyone has to be good at something.

On the hunt for something new, we switched our AIR MILES Dream Rewards (redeemable for merchandise or travel) to AIR MILES Cash—which can be redeemed at Sponsors in-store and for eVouchers online (airmiles.ca/cash). Now we can get a discount right at the register, or, even better, a whole whack of eVouchers to treat ourselves and others—all without any sweaty shopping involved.


Ready to go on an eVoucher spree? Need some ideas? Go ahead and follow our lead. With eVouchers, you can:

  • Send your business partner an eVoucher for a ‘meeting’ at The Keg.
  • Email your out-of-town BFF some Starbucks cheer.
  • Invite Mom to a movie date at Cineplex theatres and spring for popcorn and drinks.
  • Buy your manicurist lunch at Cara Foods (Harvey’s, Milestones, etc.) so she can work more magic on your nails.
  • Give your bro an eVoucher for FanXchange so he can get tickets to rock out to his favourite band.


Spending your eVouchers is shockingly easy. You don’t even need to know math (95 miles gets you $10 e-voucher). Just click Redeem Voucher and choose the value. The best part? This sentence: Would you like to email this eVoucher to anyone? You bet. We typed in our partner/mother/friend/brother’s email, added a personal message, and without any shopping, or wrapping, or knocking on doors, the gift was magically, lovingly sent and received. And that’s how you give gifts this season, friends. Save time and look awesome, all at once.

What will you redeem your e-vouchers for?

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely our own.

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