Always up for creating a little shock & awe, Robin Thicke has instigated a storm of judgment. His brand new album, Paula, released last week is an ode to his soon-to-be ex-wife. The first single is the very catchy Get Her Back, and when it dropped, the Internet went nuts.

Welcome to another BrazenWoman Speak Up. Is Robin Thicke just a guy in love or is he an icky attention-seeker?






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She was lucky to get away from him! Look how he sings about wanting her back!

Please. Give me a break.

I think Robin Thicke’s latest song Get Her Back is a groovin’ slow jam. I like it. I really do.

Sure, the video is a little over-the-top, but aren’t they all?  It features Thicke, face covered in blood, pleading for Paula to take him back. Every so often, a text detailing their marital troubles pops up. Obviously, this guy is no angel (you drink too much, you embarrass me). In this video, unlike in the controversial Blurred Lines, the girl (Hey, she looks eerily like the Mrs.) and guy are both naked. That’s a metaphor, you know. It’s supposed to be raw and honest. It’s a break-up song, after all. But critics? They sure do disagree with me.

If he wants her back this isn’t the way!

He just wants attention!

He’s a sicko! She should never take him back.

Honestly, the state of this couple’s marriage and whether she should reconcile with him is none of our business, even if he has invited us into their lives by writing this song. Remember that rule about not crap-talking your boyfriend’s ex in case they mend the fences? Also, since when did over-the-top romantic gestures go out of style? I mean, the boom box scene from Say Anything? That worked. Who’s to say a naked, bloody music video won’t?

Thicke is a musician who has penned a break-up album. To wit, break-up songs are about two things: being devastated and conjuring ways to get back together. That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it always has been.

Don’t believe me? Check out this list of the 10 Best Break-up Songs ever. Or this one. Running themes? I’m lost without you, I miss you so much, I WANT YOU BACK.

How about The Jackson 5 lyrics from their iconic song, aptly titled I Want You Back.

Trying to live without your love is one long sleepless night
Let me show you, girl, that I know wrong from right
Every street you walk on, I leave tear stains on the ground

Nobody called The Jackson 5 stalkers.

Wait. Isn’t every single Taylor Swift song all about her break-ups? This girl is a serial dater and uses her exploits as musical fodder. But when she does it, you think it’s cute. Am I right?

Taylor Swift needs to grow up!

Taylor Swift needs to learn to love herself first!

Taylor Swift just hasn’t found the right man!

But when Senor Sleazeball Thicke does the same thing he needs to be incarcerated? Let’s be honest here. You were ready to hate on Get Her Back even before you heard it. Robin Thick is that guy. The one we love to hate. Good fun, isn’t it?

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The days of wine and roses as a quick fix to Robin Thicke’s broken marriage are long gone. So why not release an entire album to prove his sincerity – give you that thing, play you that song you and your girlfriend sing?

The video for Get Her Back, for which the buzz has been highly variable, features a topless Thicke and – tearing out the page from fellow chart-topper Justin Timberlake’s playbook – has a female co-star who closely resembles his ex.

The song itself is lyrically and melodically tender, a slow jam. The video, however, is something else entirely. Why is there so much blood?

Upon reflection, the red in the water is probably supposed to be boiled-down red roses. The more she resists his efforts to get her cool and treat her right, the greater the volume of blood-streaked tears on his face, meant to appear that she has repeatedly slapped him. Why include their private text messages? Words are like daggers, and few are as sharp or as emotionally devastating as these from her to him: I can’t make love to you anymore.

I’m no fan of any song or video that makes a show out of domestic violence, no matter how subtle. There is more than enough in this video to trigger survivors of domestic abuse and emotional blackmail. Pointing his fingers to his head like a gun? Not cool. In fact, that should make us boil and seethe with anger that he’s sunk to the lowest level of manipulative trickery. He can’t (or won’t) live his life without her, so if she keeps saying no, he’ll just have to kill himself and maybe take her with him – to steady the scale, divide and deflect attention to what he perceives to be right, away from his string of wrongs.

So just in case we had forgotten about Blurred Lines, Thicke the Creeper has once again delivered, and for all the worst possible reasons.

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