Why is it there are some activities we feel the need to hide? There are those secrets we women keep from our men, and then there are our most intimate acts, like pleasuring ourselves on the sly. Even though everyone masturbates, somehow, it feels greedy and good to keep this one in the dark. Well, guess what? It’s high time we got brazen and brought self-love out of the closet and into the light—or onto our TV screens, anyway.

Ready to see what the hype on this sticky subject is all about? Well today you can because Vision Films has just released Sticky: A (Self) Love Story, a documentary on masturbation.

In this candid portrayal of an activity we keep hush-hush, writer/director Nicholas Tana aims to crush social embarrassment in his quest to understand why masturbation is something most of us do but few like to admit. From the history of the vibrator to the news that harmless sex toys are banned in Alabama, you’ll learn everything you didn’t know about masturbation from more than 60 celebrities, sexologists, educators, authors, lawmakers, religious figures and entertainers.

Why do the sticky deed? Tana and co-producer Denise Acosta are in tune with all the health benefits associated with this most popular of taboos. Here are just a few great reasons they say women should take time to learn some erotic self-love.


DIY Literally: Six Reasons Every Woman Should Masturbate1. IT FEELS FABULOUS

It feels physically good to masturbate. This self-induced sexual stimulation is relatively easy to accomplish with a little time and imagination. If you prefer, add some erotic literature or videos to heighten stimulation or throw in a little sex toys, lubricants and vibration. Maybe just use your hand, cell phone, running water, pillow, loud speaker, nice pair of vibrating panties, the old back massager you couldn’t bear to throw out, and or simply use your finger. Masturbation doesn’t have to be a costly process or even something that takes a lot of time. We met a woman who could think herself to orgasm simply by controlling her breath. We were flabbergasted, impressed, entertained, and maybe even a little jealous, all at the same time.


The endorphins released during self-pleasure helps you to reduce tension. This means masturbation can also help prevent all the diseases scientifically proven to result from stress including the biggies like heart disease, high blood pressure, heart asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, even Alzheimer’s disease. Stress can have an adverse effect on your relationships, both personally and professionally, and can wreak havoc on your quality of life. We say end the stress and do something that feels good in the process. Masturbate before it’s too late!


The art of self-pleasure has been observed in males from about 80 species from ape to monkey to lemur, making self-love one of the most common and widespread primate sexual behaviors. Females from at least 50 species also get into the act and can get creative. In fact, female orangutans and capuchin monkeys have both been observed using sticks and other plant parts as makeshift dildos. One evolutionary biologist explained that when the female Bonobo monkeys masturbate that they increase the acidity level of their vaginal secretions. This means that after masturbating the higher acid levels are more likely to kill off any sperm thus reducing the chance of pregnancy. In this way, female Bonobo monkey masturbation habits may have played a hand in human evolution. This means by masturbating you may be fulfilling your evolutionary duties, and helping the male species evolve to be better lovers at the same time.


When the hormone prolactin is released from masturbation, you’ll find it easier to nod off. Many people choose to masturbate at night for this very reason. Since lack of sleep can make you feel grumpy, foggy, and irritable, the whole world would be better off if you and those around you got more sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to higher risk of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. According to Harvard Medical School, for people with hypertension, one night without enough sleep can cause elevated blood pressure all through the next day. Once again, masturbation can help to eliminate all this suffering, if you only took a little time to make yourself feel good every night. Besides, it’s cheaper than Unisom.


Most surveys we’ve uncovered conclude that men tend to masturbate more frequently than women. But that begs the question: Are men just more honest about it? Martha Cornog, author of the The Big Book of Masturbation, theorized that men masturbate more because women’s sexual organs tend to be more obscured by the nature of their physiology. However, societal shame and controls may be influencing the result as well. Historically, women have been repressed in most societies by a male-dominated culture, which has long feared female sexuality. Case in point: The law in Alabama prohibits the sale of sex toys, but has some of the most lenient gun restrictions. In a country that prides itself on freedom, it would seem that women could do well to lend a hand (or a sex toy or two) to express that freedom through, you got it, masturbation.


Masturbation can be the ultimate expression of self-love. To take the time to erotically pleasure yourself is a treat you can give yourself without judgment or pressure from a partner, risk of STD or pregnancy. It’s also a wonderful way to get to know what you do and don’t like physically. This knowledge will serve you to direct a lover and aid in sexual communication. Consider this: It’s almost impossible to know how to pleasure someone else without first knowing how to erotically pleasure yourself. That’s because people tend to filter what they know about pleasure and experience through empathy and self-knowledge; it’s how we relate to other living beings. As a result, giving yourself a little self-love and learning how to share that with others benefits everyone.

Sticky: A (Self) Love Story is available on DVD and VOD across North America as of February 1, 2016.

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