Sure it’s hot imagining your man picking out some tiny little number for special occasions like Valentine’s Day night or your anniversary, but let’s get real. Even if he did such a thing, what are the chances you’ll be rushing to squeeze into a crotchless thing-thong anytime soon? Lingerie can work wonders in a relationship and it doesn’t have to make you feel like a porn star. Especially if you’re into wearing your hot stuff both in and out of the bedroom.

To look sexy, you need to feel sexy and nothing helps more than a little push-up, silk, stretch and lace. The trick is to choose pieces that show off your assets without giving up the whole show. How, you ask? Well, we’ve got you (un)covered, so to speak, with sexy/sophisticated looks you’ll find at Melmira in Toronto.

Slip these babies on to strut around the house or follow our advice for ways to wear them out on the town.


Why It’s Hot

If Beyonce wears it, you know it’s hot. Apart from the obvious sex appeal, a bodysuit is flattering because it sucks you in all over. There’s no tummy exposure and the neck is cut high enough that you can still wear a bra underneath.

How to Wear It

Depending on your size, you can go with our without a bra. The bodysuit creates a smooth silhouette under a blouse or dress. It’s especially sexy worn with jeans, heels and your favourite blazer. And don’t forget the thigh-high stockings. They look hot with just about anything.

Price: $179

NK iMODE MORGAN NEGLIGEE 5974-m100_zinfandel

Why It’s Hot

Silk negligees are a classic staple that make you feel flirty and pretty but not too exposed. Like a little dress that hits in just the right spot, this burgundy number has a built-in stretch lace bra that actually lifts and holds you right where you want to be.

How to Wear It

In this number, you can hang around the house without hanging out. Wear it when you order in dinner and to make eggs the next morning.

Price: $110


Why It’s Hot

This unique silk teddy has built in chanatilly lace cup support to make your top half look its best and open back camisole that’s a sexy surprise.

How to Wear It

This creamy teddy feels amazing on your skin when you slip under silk sheets. Wear it when you’re home alone with your man, celebrating a special occasion. It’s the modern version of the negligee you wore on your wedding night.

Price: $149


Why It’s Hot

Anything a little extra to tease him with (and that he can peel off, one by one) will turn up the temperature. These sheer stockings with comfortable lace band that hugs the thighs are classic style.

How to Wear It

Add these thigh highs (just $8.50/pair) to any dress or skirt outfit for a sexy, glamorous touch. Want to go even more daring? Choose a skirt with a slit so your man can get just a glimpse of what you’re be up to (or down for) later tonight.

Available at all mass retailers. 

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